You need to find somewhere to stay.

On the station walk to the right and talk to the stranger. Introduce yourself and tell him you’re new in town. The stranger is looking for some spare change.

Walk to the left and look at the telephone on the wall. There’s a COIN in the change slot. Give the coin to the stranger and tell him you’re looking for a place. The stranger is taking you to a boarded up house and tells you to go around the left and find something to get into the house.

Walk up to the house. You can try the front door or the windows but they are shut tight. Walk to the side of the house on the left and look at the boards. On the panel is a DIRTY RAG.  Pick it up and use it on the dirty window to clean a corner. Look at the window to find furniture inside.


Walk further to the left to the backdoor and find that you’re alone. Now you need to get in yourself. You can’t do much with the tap and the door and windows here are shut as well. Walk further to the left to the other side of the house. Look at the bins and find a COAT HANGER in the one on the left.  Look at the vines. They might be useful to climb up if you can trim them first.

Walk back to the right and south to the back garden. On the left there’s a shed and in front of it are some trimmings. Next to the trimmings are GARDEN SHEARS. Take them and look at the shed door. It’s locked. Use the dirty rag on the window to clean a bit and look at the window to see there are some old tools inside.

Walk further left to the driveway. Examine the car but obviously it’s locked.  In your inventory use the coat hanger to turn it into a HOOK and use the hook on the door of the car to unlock it. Open the door of the car, you’ll find nothing but you’ll also open the boot.

The toolbox in the boot is too heavy but take the WD40. Walk back to the right into the back and all the way to the right to the back door of the house. Walk left around the house to the vines. In your inventory use the WD40 with the shears to loosen  the rust and use the shears on the vines to cut them down. Now you can climb up.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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