At the start you’ll see a cube with the number 7 on it.

You can only choose the door north, both others will end the game.

Bart Simpson is here. You can talk to him. You can get his slingshot if you answer three questions right.

1: Who shot Mr. Burns: Maggi
2: What was the name of the hit with the boy group:  yvan eht nioJ
3: What’s the second name of Lisa: Marie


You’ll get the SLINGSHOT (3/3). From here you can only use the door on the left.

There’s a guy in the corner. In front of him is a tooth on the floor. Pick up the TOOTH (2/5) and he’ll ask you if you really wanted to take it. Tell him yes and you can take it.

Talk to the man and ask for a way out. He can’t help you but suggests the signs on the walls are of significance. Ask if he can help in any way. He’ll tells you he wants to tell a poem. Agree and afterwards tell him you liked it (3/8). In your inventory combine the tooth with the slingshot (1/9) and shoot the @ sign above the door (5/14). The door on the right will open and you can go outside.


Use the door on the left to enter a cube shop. Talk to the shopkeeper to find out where you are and if you can have a cube. To get one, you need to pay in cubes which you don’t have. Leave the shop again and enter the door on the right.

In this shop is another person who’s calculating. Ask how you can leave and you’re referred to the builder of the first cube at the end of the street. Look at the drawing on his desk. Ask what he’s doing and if you can help. He’ll ask you the length of the diagonal inside the cube when one side is 7. Tell him it’s 12.12 and you’ll get the DUSTBIN (3/17).

Leave the shop and walk further to the right. Enter the green house and find Bart Simpsons house  inside. Use the shoe scraper in front of the front door to find a KEY underneath (2/19) and use this key on the garage door.

Inside you’ll find a lot of rubbish but also a couple of useful items. On the far left you can find a SHOVEL (2/21). Now use the rubbish several times to find a  BOOK (1/22), a ROPE (1/23), a HOOK (1/24), a NECKLACE (1/25) and an old TYRE (1/26). In the upper right corner of the room you can find a SPIDER (2/28).

Leave the garage and walk south to return to Cubeville.  Walk all the way to the right. A guard will stop you and when you talk to him, he tells you only cubes can pass. Walk back to the left to the fountain. Look at the fountain to find money in it but it’s too deep, besides, it’s not right either. Look at the statue let of the first cube man and read the sign underneath (2/30).

Walk all the way to the left and enter the shop. Ask the shopkeeper what he knows about  Cubert the First. He’ll tell you about his wealth.  Leave the shop and walk north between the trees to reach the graveyard. Look at all the graves and all their headstones. There’s one familiar name. Dig the grave of Cubert the First (2/32). Use the grave to get Cubert’s BONES. Use the grave again to get all his MONEY (3/35).

To get into the tower, from your inventory, use the hook with the rope (3/38) and use this combination on the window in the tower (3/41). Use the window to climb in. It’s a mostly empty room, apart from the rat in the lower right corner. To get rid of the rat, use the spider on it and the  spider will eat the rat (2/43), revealing a cube underneath. Pick up the CUBE (1/44) and leave the room through the window.

Walk south between the trees and walk to the left. Enter the shop on the left. Give the money to the shopkeeper and you’ll get a nice CUBE (3/47) in return. Leave the shop and walk all the way to the right. To get past the guard, use the tyre on him (2/49) to restrain him and to stop him from shouting, use the wastebin on him (2/51). Walk further to the right and enter the house.

Inside you’ll find a large eye and multi color walls. Looking very carefully, there’s one panel that has at some points a distinct color: white. Use this panel (left wall, second row from the bottom, next to the back wall) and a head will fly into the eye (3/54). Talk to the head and ask to leave. You need to bring a cube and something else but it’s not clear what (it’s the small cube from the rat).

Give the cube to the head and a door on the right will open, leading you into a maze. You need to get to the upper right. N, R, N, R, N, R, S, first R, N, first R, S, R, first S, R, S, first R, N, R, N, L, N, first R, N, R, S, first R, N.

The next door will be closed. Left of the door is a circle of buttons. It doesn’t do anything though. Use the small button on it to make a full circle of buttons (5/59)  Use Marge’s necklace from your inventory on the buttons to push them all at the same time (12/77). You’re free to go!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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