Room 1:

After taking the humanizer, you need to get out. Walk around the room and explore. You’ll find some letters in strange places: A strange word on a blackboard, an E in the bin, a N under the table and a N on the couch. Next to the couch there’s a drill. Use it on the window after climbing the ladder. This will result in a combination. Remember it. Next over to the computer. You must enter a password, but which? Remember the blackboard. There was terces. That’s secret backwards. Use it as the password and play the game. Remember the combination on the window? Use it here and it will result in three colors. This is the combination that must be used on the panels next to the front door. There’s a key. That must fit on the chest on the floor next to the VCR. Another three letters: U L and T. So now there are 6: T U N N E L. Go to the computer again and enter this as the code for the next level. The bookcase will move and a tunnel will appear. Your escape from the first room.

Room 2:

You have to collect 8 numbers. There are two behind the bookcase, one on the flask on the floor in front of the bookcase. There’s also a cane hidden on top of the bookcase. When you turn around, you’ll find a number on the roadworkers sign. There’s a magnet behind it. You’ll need it. There’s a number in the bin and there’s a number under the rock. Turn around again. Now there’s a plate on the wall that jou can’t ‘just’ move. You’ll need the magnet for that and you’ll get number 7. On top is another one, just out of reach. A good thing you found the cane. Use it and there’s number 8. Now take a good look at the numbers. There’s written 1=, 2=, 3= and 4= and in colours. Match the colours and you’ll have a sequence. Go to the arrows on the wall and match the direction of the arrow in the direction of the solution found. Use the hands of the clock to translate the numbers to a direction (12=north, 3=east, 6=south, 9=west). When set correctly, you can start the machine by pressing Start. You’ll see a number of buttons flashing in a sequence. Remember the sequence. Here’s a hint: press the start button several times and write down the sequence. When you repeated the sequence correctly, you’ll get a key. This one can open the hatch in the floor to your escape…. or not?

Room 3:

When walking around the garden, it soon becomes obvious you need to make a balloon. But how? You’ll need several objects for that: two spines from the plant behind you, a big one and a small one. A lighter in the high grass in front of you. The sheets hanging over the fence. A rope will be in the basket. On your right you’ll find yarn on the bench and a gastank next to it. Now first make a needle by using the small spine on the bigger one. Then use the spine on the thread. Use the thread on the sheets and there’s your balloon. Now put the balloon on the basket first, then use the rope to tie the balloon to the basket. Put the gastank in the basket and use the lighter to heat the balloon. Free at last.

Game source: The game was found here on the internet.

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