You’ll start the game facing the east wall. You can see a plant, a lightswitch and a door. Not much to do though. Go to the north wall (your left) and find a number of items. The one to look at (and not take with you) is the book in the case betweeen the microscope and the plant. Note this hint. While you’re here, you might as well take the torch. Go back to the east wall again and this time the lightswitch will work. Switch it and take the key from the plant. Turn the light back on so you can see where you’re going.

Go to the west wall. There’s a nice picture that can be removed. A big black hole. Luckily you’ve got the torch. Shine in the dark space and discover a puzzle. I wasn’t able to find a clue for this one but brute force hacking taught met that the sequence upper right, lower left, lower right, upper left does the trick. Maybe the keys on the wall were a suggestion but unreadable. You can now open the lock and you’ll get a combination. The trunk on the north wall had a numberpad. Let’s go there.

Key in the numbers and you’ll receive a CD. Ah… that’s good ’cause the one in the computer wouldn’t work. Insert the CD in the computer and …. bummer. You need a password. Now you can guess it… if you know the vanity of the producer .. 😉 You can’t find it near any wall so you’ll end up bored looking at yourself in the mirror. Hey! I’m good! And handsome… and… ok ok…. Give the key to the dragon and he’ll show you the password. Enter it on the laptop. Note: it’s case sensitive so start with a capital M!

Publisher: Mystery’s Games

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