You all have to rescue the general.

Let Huhnter pull the vine. He’s not strong enough. Then let Mccoy try to get the vine. He also doesn’t succeed. Let Huhnter talk to Mccoy and together they can pull the VINE down. Let Williams walk to the left so everybody follows.

Select Huhnter and use the vine on himself. Select Mccoy and then Huhnter and Mccoy will help. Do the same with Fry, he’ll help too. The select Huhnter again and let him use the rock against the tree. He’ll use it to climb the tree and get to the other side. From there he’ll disarm the trap.

Select Williams and walk to the left. The bridge is broken and you need to get to the other side. Let Mccoy walk to the edge and let him talk to Fry. He’ll toss Fry to the other side. Let Fry walk to the left and pick up the PLANKS. Use the rope with the planks and then use that on the gap to repair the bridge.

Select Williams and walk to the left. There’s someone from the VC. Since no one has a gun, you need to find another way to pass him. Let Huhnter pick up a ROCK. Let Mccoy use his knife to cut off a piece of the PLANT on the north.

Huhnter needs to throw the rock below the VC man (over there) and as soon as the VC man looks to the left, Mccoy needs to get his plant and use it on the VC man. He’ll move closer to the VC man and when he’s standing next to the VC man, use his knife to kill the VC man.

Select Williams and walk to the left. Let Williams take a look at the VC man and he’ll detect a grenade. Since Mccoy is the gunner, he’ll carry the GRENADE.

Walk further to the left. Select Fry and let him walk into the water. Take the stump in the water and the others will join to help him carry the LOG. Switch to Williams and walk to the left until you reach the waterfall.

Let Mccoy throw the grenade on the rocks above and the loose rocks will fall down. Use the stump on the hole where the waterfall was before. Select Williams and walk to the left. You’ve reached the camp. Now call for an airstrike.

Meanwhile, the general needs to do some exploring as well. Pick up the ROCK and use it on the lock of the cupboard. Once open you’ll find a SAW inside. Use the saw on the leg of the stool and you have a STEEL PIPE. It’s too straight to use it on the window but when you use the pipe in the corner next to the stool to bend it, you have a nice crowbar. Use the pipe on the window to pry the boards off. It’s your chance to escape.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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