Your boss wants you to interview the mayor who is in jail.

Pick up the blue CUP and walk south to leave the office. Walk to the left and north into the alley to go to jail. Talk to the sheriff and ask to see the mayor. You can’t and no matter what reason you come up with, you’ll end up in jail anyway. Inside talk to the mayor and learn about the election candidates. The mayor wants you to get rid of the opponents. He gives you a STICKER. But you need to get out of jail first.

Pick up the DRY BONE under the bench. Give the bone to the mayor to swap if for a JUICY BONE. Lure the dog with the bone and give the bone to the dog to swap it for the KEY. But it’s a rubber key and not very solid. Put the key in the bucket with ice cold water to make it icy and then use the key on the cell door to unlock it. Open the door and walk to the right. Outside jail walk to the right again to sneak out the back door.

Walk north in the alley to reach Dr. DVS’s house. In the garden are a few gnomes. Use them to find a SNAIL on it. Knock the door and when the doctor invites you in talk to him. Ask for the visitor but you can’t talk to her. Tell the doctor to look behind him and when he does search all little drawers in the cabinet next to you until you find the Swedish ARMY KNIFE. Say goodbye to the doctor and you’re outside again.


On the wall is a cable box. Use the knife on it to mess with the cables. Knock on the door again and talk to the doctor. Tell him you’re here to repair the cable. He’ll take you to the basement. Once alone, use the army knife on the flag POLE to saw it off. Open the coffin to find the vampire inside and wake the sleeping vampire. When the vampire is standing on the lower right use the flagpole on him to smash it through his heart.

After the vampire is dead, search the remains and find a piece of GARLIC BREAD. Walk to the right to leave the house. Walk further to the right to walk back to jail and when you pass the front, the sheriff will ask you why you got out of jail. Give him any reason and walk to the right into Reality. In the main street walk all the way to the left into the alley and talk to the bum. Ask him who he is now and he’ll ask for Elandra. Walk to the right to leave the alley and enter the YahtzeeBrand general store.

Pick up the bucket with FLUORESCENT PAINT. You don’t have to pay for it so leave the shop again. Walk to the right and enter the restaurant around the corner. On the table on the left is a SALT SHAKER. Pick it up and leave the restaurant again on the left. Walk further to the right and find Elandra near the rocket platform.  Talk to Elandra and ask her what she’s doing. When she realizes she needs some alcohol and you ask where to get it, she’ll mention the back room at Scid’s. She’ll give you the password to enter.

Ask Elandra for a kiss, to give to Davy and she’ll leave for the bum. Use the fluorescent paint on the payload laying next the path. Enter the truck to have a look at the computer. Push the grey knob on the left on the desk to change the trajectory of the rocket, straight into the moon instead of around it. To make sure it stays that way, kick the flight computer to blank the screen.

Walk south to leave the van and walk to the right to enter the main street again. Walk to the left to Scid’s and enter. Use the door of the back room and George will ask for the password. Give him the one Elandra told you. There’s a race going on in the room. You have a snail that can enter but you must be sure it’s the fastest of them all. To speed up the snail, give him the coffee. If that’s not enough, use the garlic bread on lane two. To slow down the opponent, use the salt on lane one.

Give the snail to Big Wave Dave to start the race. Of course your snail will win and when you talk to Big Wave Dave again, he’ll give you the case of BEER. Walk to the right to leave the back room and south to return to the street. Go left into the alley and Elandra will return to the rocket launcher. Follow Elandra all the way to the right to the rocket and give her the crate with alcohol.

Talk to Elandra and ask her to fire up the rocket. She’ll do that and the moon will become a full moon. Walk to the right to return to the streets of Reality and use the door of the office complex left of YahtzeeBrand General store. Select to go to Cloudy Days Real estate. There’s the other opponent of the mayor: Ian Wulfe. Try to talk to him and his assistant will answer your questions.

Ask for Mr. Wulfe’s policies and learn that he’s a werewolf. Call Wulfey and tell him to look outside. Since there’s a full moon he’ll blow his cover and turn into a werewolf. Mission complete.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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