You need to get your assignments at the Realiser.

Walk all the way to the right until you see the map and select the Realiser on it. Talk to your boss to find out what your three assignments are. Before you leave, use the desk to get your CAMERA out and use the file cabinet to take a top secret FILE. Walk south to leave the building and on the map select the City Hall.

Talk to the clerk behind the desk and ask to see the mayor. You can’t without a press pass. Take the SCISSORS  and a bottle of GLUE from the desk and walk south to return to the map. Go back to Town Square. Your own apartment first. Enter the building on the far right and use the keys from your inventory on door #33. This is where you live.

Use the pile of clothes in the bedroom left of the door to find you WALLET. Use the cabinet above the sink on the right in the bathroom to get some MAKE-UP from it. Walk south to leave the house and south again to return to the street. Walk all the way to the left and into the alley. This is where the bum lives.


Talk to the bum, officer Binds and ask him about the fake ID’s. He can get you a blank press pass if you bring him a beer. Walk to the right and enter Scid’s. Dave’s behind the bar and when you talk to him, ask him for a beer. He doesn’t have change from $20 but when you bring him something to read, he’ll let you have the beer for free.

Leave the bar and walk to the Yahtzeebrand General Store on the right. Enter and find Phil behind the counter. Take a MAGAZINE from the shelf and use the wallet from your inventory on Phil to pay for the magazine. Now you also know where to find Davy.

Leave the shop and walk to Scid’s on the left. Go inside and give the magazine to Dave. In return he’ll give you a BEER. Leave the bar and walk to the left into the alley. Give the beer to the bum and he’ll get you a FAKE ID. Give the secret file to officer Binds and now you can take a PHOTO OF BUM. Walk to the right to leave the alley. Walk all the way to the right to see the map and select the City Hall on it.

Take the camera and make a PHOTO OF YOURSELF. In your inventory, use the scissors on your photo and use the glue on the cutout. Stick the sticky cutout on the press pass et voila, your personalized press pass. Give the pass to the clerk and use the door to see the mayor.

Talk to the mayor and ask for a photograph. You can get one as soon as you bring him some make-up. Give the make-up to him and now you can take a PHOTO OF THE MAYOR. Walk south to leave the office and south again to leave the building. On the map select the graveyard.

Walk to the left to find the grave of Davy but reading the sign next to it does limit your chances of getting a photograph. Walk back to the right and use the black shade of the tree on the left to find a piece of ROPE. Walk to the left again and in your inventory use the scissors on the rope to cut it.

Use the rope on the tree on the right and you’ll take a PHOTO OF DAVY’S GRAVE. Walk to the right and south to leave the graveyard and on the map select the Realiser. Give all three photo’s to your boss.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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