Happy Ducky is invited by his friend to come to the Pirate Cave to do some adventuring. But slow as you are, you can’t keep up. While your friend swims ahead, the tree falls down and blocks your way. Now we can’t join our friend.

Take the SUN and melt the snowy top of the mountain. Under all that snow was a STICK. Pick it up and use the stick on the sun to set the stick on fire. Then use the burning stick on the tree to burn the tree and your path is cleared. Pick up a ROCK from the lower left corner and swim to the right to the next screen.

The fisherman is blocking your way. Use the rock on the windmill to bullet it to the fisherman and leave him wounded. At least you can pass. Pick up the right most FLOWER. Swim further to the right.

Talk to John in his tent. He’s missed his flight and is looking for a video tape. You haven’t seen it yet but if you will you can earn a bucket filled with water. Swim further to the right. If you for some reason by mistake looked at the cat, you’re not allowed to pass. Use the flower on the cat to make it sneeze and you can go ahead. Swim further to the right.


Pick up the VIDEO TAPE and swim back to the left and give the tape to John. He’s happy and gives you the BUCKET WITH WATER. Swim to the right again and in the next screen where the dirt is blocking your way, use the bucket on the dirt to flush it away and clear your path.

Swim further to the right and there is the pirate cave. Enter and…. have the adventure of your life.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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