You got stuck in the middle of a game, togehter with your son and cat. Talk to the CAT to let her jump into the bag. This way she’ll come along. On the right is a MIRROR on the shelf. Pick it up. On the machine push the blue button to turn the room into a control panel. On the shelf is suddenly a REMOTE CONTROL. Pick this up as well. Look at the poster. The tape in the lower middle doesn’t stick very well anymore. Take this piece of TAPE. Walk to the south to leave this part of the game.

Use the plant to take the moist SOIL from it. Use the hatch in the middle of the yellow hovercraft. Your son will tell you to use the remote. So use the remote on the hatch to open it. Now you can enter and start you quest for the exit of the game.


Press the green button to arrive in Holland. Use the door of the windmill to enter. The man is sad that his plant doesn’t do too well. Use the soil on the plant. The man will thank you by giving some MONEY. Leave the mill again on the south and talk to the lady outside. She promotes the Netherlands and asks you if you want to buy some cheese.


You agree and since you have some money, you can give her the money and receive the CHEESE. Leave the screen on the right. Walk down the steps and on the lower path walk to the left. You’ll arrive in Suriname.


There’s a banatree in the garden. Take one BANANA with you. Then use the front door to enter the house. You must be quiet because grandpa is sleeping. Feel inside the hammock grandpa is in and find a FLOPPY DISC.

Leave the house and walk to the left.  Moesje Oebeah sits in her chair. Talk to her and ask for advice. But she wants to get something first. Give her the cheese. Now you can ask her simething. Ask if you can have her oil lamp. You can but you must give a good reason why you need it. Tell her it’s to keep the evil spirits away. You can have the LAMP.

Walk to the right twice and go up the steps to the upper path. Go right there to enter Wales.


Try to climb the mountain and the black sheep will prevent it. You can climb the mountain if you have something to eat for the black sheep. Walk to the right. Since the leek isn’t eatable yet, take the DAFFODIL. Walk back to the left and give the daffodil to the sheep. You are now allowed to take the path up the mountain. Walk all the way to the top.

You don’t have to be affraid of the dragon. It’s harmless because it has no fire. Talk to the dragon and learn about Viscious Vi. Promise the dragon to solve the problem. Give the oil lamp to the dragon to restore the fire. Walk to the left to leave the dragon. Walk down the mountain path and go left again. At the upper path go left again and use the remote on the spaceship next to the windmill to enter it.

Inside press the blue button to enter the land of Eternal Night.

Land of Eternal Night:

Walk to the left and listen to the pond welcoming you. Walk around the pond and go to the right on the lower side. There’s a wet creature on the bridge. The creature smells like cheap catfood. Time to let the cat out of the bag and use it on the wet creature. That’ll scare hime. Talk to Miao to let her jump into the bag again.

Cross the bridge and use the door on the right to enter the building. Talk to the creature behind bars and learn more about the king and queen. He also tells you about Revolting Rus.

Look at the bugs on the left. Try to take the red one. You must put it back again because it’s paralyzing your legs. Use the tape from your inventory on the pot with the red bug so it doesn’t make any noise and you can take the RED BUG with you. Walk to the right and meet Rus, Revolting Rus. Talk to Rus and he’ll tell you about the game. Together with his sister it’s VI-RUS.

You learn that Lucy, the programmer of the game is also caught in the game but Rus won’t tell you where. Try to take the key but Rus won’t let you.

Walk to the left and leave the building on the south side and once outside go left twice. Walk around the pond and leave the screen on the right. From there go north and go to the mushroom. Enter through the blinking door.

There’s the queen. Give her the red bug and she’ll reward you with a BLUE HAIR. Climb the stairs to leave the mushroom again. There’s a blue moon now. Use the mirror from your inventory on the blue moon to receive a BEAM. Pick up the beam and use it on the blue hair. The hair is now moonlit.

Walk to the left and to the south, around the pond and leave the screen on the lower right side. Cross the bridge again and enter the house. Walk to the right to see Rus again. Eat the banana (use it on yourself) to get the PEEL. Then use the peel on yourself to stick them in your ears.

Use the blue hair on Revolting Rus to make a terrible noise. It will paralyze his legs. Take the KEY from the wall. Walk to the left and leave the building on the south. Walk to the left and cross the bridge. Walk further left and around the pond. Above the pond go north. Use the remote on the ship again to enter it. Push the green button to go to The Netherlands again.

The Netherlands:

Walk to the left where you’ll see a snowy mountain. Ask the dragon above you to use his fire to melt the iceberg. The dragon asks you for a weapon. Use the floppy disk on the dragon and assure him it’s a good weapon.

The dragon will melt the ice and there’s a whole city behind it, including Vi. Use the floppy disc on Vi to save her and she’ll disappear. Now that the doors are accessable, open the right door with the key you got from Rus. It’s the fourth door from the left.

Lucy is here! And she’s glad to see you. Talk to Lucy about how you and she got in, but more important how to get out. Just push a button. Better make it the yellow one, otherwise the game takes a bit longer….

You’re back in the control room again. Then Lucy has to hurry to get you all out of the game. Will she make it in time?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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