You have to find the books of Good and Evil in the hallway of advetures. Talk to the man in front of you. It’s the librarian and he can tell you where the books are, what they look like and also how to open the tomb. Take the MAGNIFIER from his desk.

The Gold:

Look at the painting behind him. It has a tree on it. In he description it will mention the four colours. Note the order in which they are mentioned. To the left and right of the desk are squares which you can press and when doing so, they will reveal a colour. Push the right squares in the same order as the description:

right middle (red), left top (green), left middle (yellow), left bottom (blue).


The door will open and the librarian will give you the GOLD.

Walk to the right until you get to a tree. There’s a skeleton attached to it and next to it are FOUR KEYS. Touch the skeleton and an ARM will fall off. Walk further to the right until you see a door.

The Tomb Door:

There are twelve holes and you have four keys. The librarian said to look at the surroundings. You have a sun, rock, tree and water key. When you’re at the door you can see the real sun, water, tree and rock. Place the keys in the same position:

Numbering the holes from 1 to 12, left to right, top to bottom: Sun = 3, Tree = 8, Water = 9, Rock = 11

The door will open and you can walk further to the right. There’s the red book and a fountain with acid. Look at the fountain. Try to get the book and it will bite. Besides, it’s chained to the wall. Next to the fountain is a piece of ROCK. That might become usefull.

Walk to the left, past the librarian until you see the dwarf. To the right of the dwarf is a MUSHROOM. Take it. To his left is a JAR. Pick it up and use the jar with the rock on the ground. This will break the jar, leaving a piece of GLASS.

Talk to the dwarf. Ask him what’s behind the door and ask if he can make you a cup that can hold acid. First he wants a piece of rock from the acid fountain, which you can give. As a fee he wants a piece of gold, which you can give him as well. Eventually you get your ACID CUP.

Knock on the door above the dwarf and talk to the tree spirit. Learn about the mushrooms and how they are prepared.

The Big Gate:

Walk further to the left and you’re at the big gate. But it’s closed. No clue how to open it. To the right of the tree someone is signaling with lights. When you answer by holding the piece of glass on the light, they will open fire. Thy will miss you but hit the gate. You can now walk further to the left.

There’s the second book, but in a big block of ice. Too heavy to carry so we’ll have to leave it here. Take the PICK AXE from the ground and walk to the right, all the way to the entrance of the tomb.

The red book:

You needed to boil the mushroom in water. The only water here is the pool next to the tree. But it’s not hot so we have to heat it. Use the magnifier on the water and the sun will heat it. Once it boils, put the mushroom in the water and after a few seconds you’ll take it out again.

Walk to the right and use the acid cup on the fountain to take some ACID. Then walk further. To tranquilize the book with the mushroom, we don’t want our hands to be bitten off so use the arm of the skeleton with the mushroom and use those on the red book. That will keep it quiet for a while. Use the pickaxe on the chain to cut the book loose. Take the RED BOOK.

The black book:

Walk all the way to the left to the block of ice. Use the acid on the icecube to melt it and there’s your BLACK BOOK.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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