A gun just went off and you had it in your hands. Time to clear the evidence and leave the room before you are caught by the police.

First you have to get rid of the blood. Turn right and see the bathroom. Use your hands on the sink to wash them. There are two TOWELS as well. Take these. Turn right again and open the closet, the door on the right. Inside you find an UMBRELLA and a spare SHEET. Turn right again and next to the TV you find a TABLECLOTH on the table. Take this as well.

Now before leaving the room, you need to get rid of any evidence so turn right again and take the GUN. Since you have a towel, you won’t leave any prints. Also take the SHEETS off the bed.  Turn left and use the window to escape. Since you’ve got the sheets and the towels, you can reach the ground.

Nobody will ever know you were there.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Alternate endings (not much of endings, more like different end screenshots):

    1- Don’t do anything and wait for the door to open.
    2- Gather everything and wait for the door to open.
    3- Gather everything and wait for the door to knock and escape.

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