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Forest on the Norm – Walkthrough (Tobias Schmitt/2002)

By Leon | January 26, 2014

Forest on the Norm Walkthrough Warning! This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

You’re in the middle of a forest. .

Walk NORTH and EAST to reach a chicken that’s blocking the way to your spaceship. ASK CHICKEN ABOUT STARSHIP. It’ll tell you it crashed. GIVE EASTEREGG TO CHICKEN and you’ll find a key inside. Walk NORTH and WEST from there. You’re now in front of a cave.

The cave has a keyhole. UNLOCK KEYHOLE to open the cave and walk NORTH. Roger W. is here. ASK ROGER ABOUT STARSHIP. He hasn’t seen it. ASK ROGER ABOUT WAY and he’ll tell you where to go. Walk NORTH and you’ll reach a big tree. ASK BIG TREE ABOUT HIMSELF and it appears to be the bum.

CLIMB BIG TREE and now you can go up. Go UP and you’ll end up in an alley. Go EAST and you’ll reach the sea. DIVE to get into the sea and you can now see a way up. Go UP to to reach the Yahtzeebrand General store. The clerk is there and a needle.

GET NEEDLE and a door opens [Note: TAKE NEEDLE will tell you that you’ve picked it up but won’t continue the game]. Walk SOUTH and you’re now in the basement of a church. Walk NORTH to climb out and find a snake. Don’t go north again, the snake will kill you, but TALK TO SNAKE to create a way up. Go UP. You’ll now reach a farm.

ENTER FARM and you’ll meet Mika. She’ll show you a way north. Go NORTH and people will think you were the one who changed everything. They’ll put you in jail. Do you have to stay here forever?


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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