3 Months before the storm:

To prevent you from warning people about the storm, the professor locked you in a room. The door has an electronic lock. Time to find our way out!

The door is electonically locked. So we use the computer first. You can play timeletters if you like but only once and it has nothing to do with your quest. So let’s open the folder “Locking”. You’ll get the warning that you need to make sure Wegener isn’t next door anymore. Leave the computer for now.

Look on the floor. There are newspapers with clippings of Dr. Wegener. Use them and find a NOTEBOOK from his wife. It’s a dictation excercise of her school. Look inside and note that there are letters underlined: l, e, ch, m, s and u. Use the bin to find a SODA CUP. Look on the wall. There are several certificates but only one is note: the one on the right on the top. Read it and find the alphabet in reverse. Some kind of code.


Next to the door on the right is a crack in the wall. Use the crack to get a few dead FLIES out. Look at the grating on the left wall. There’s a huge spider behind it and there’s a note that says that any contact with it might be lethal. How reasuring. Use the flies on the cup and use the filled cup on the grating. With a little patience you’ll catch the deadly SPIDER. Use the cup with spider on the crack near the door so the spider can get to the next room.

Wegener will be gone and you can use the computer now. Use the “Locking” folder and you’re asked for a password. Oops. Now let’s think… Those letters we found in the notebook. They might mean something. The story is about the ocean and lifeforms in it. Out of the letters undelined I you can make the word “Muschel” (shellfish). Try that as a password. It’s not. Then there was the memo on the wall with the reversed alphabet. Maybe if we reverse muschel. That will become nfhxsvo. Bingo!

Click on the red bar indicating a locked door and it will become green. Time to leave this place.

60 Years Later:

You wake up in a creepy forrest. Look at the tree. It has a crack in the base and when you look at it, you can see something lying there but you can’t reach it. Look at the haystack. Use the haystack to get a TWIG out. Look at the tree. It’s covered in resin. Use the twig on the resin to make it sticky and use it on the crack to get out what’s in it: a SCROLL. Read the scroll.

All seemed to be a dream. When the vision is more clear you faint again and wake up in a train. But it’s now used as a hospital where Dr. Einzin is working. Talk to the doctor to find out how you got there. Ask him why he’s working in a train and if he knows the family you were supposed to visit to drive to your brother. He does but have to tell you they are dead. The little girl too and she’s in the last coach.

Go to the south twice to find a dark coach. There is a lamp but when you look at it, it shows that the batteries are dead. Go to the south and then to the north. Talk to the doctor again and ask about the batteries. He doesn’t have any with him but there must be some laying around. Look at his back pocket. Theres an ENVELOPE. Be carefull and take it. Open the envelope and you find a TASKLIST and a COIN in it.

Look at the tasklist. You must find a key, change the software and find more patients. Go to the south and walk to the right. You’re outside the train. There’s a man standing there. Talk to him. Ask his name and what he’s doing there. He’s looking for his sister. Maybe you can help.

Look in the waste bin. Use the bin to find BATTERIES. The doctor must have accidently thrown them away. Go north then south to the dark coach. Use the batteries on the lamp and there’s light. Look at the seats on the left and find a SHOE STRING. Walk to the north.

You’re in the coach with the dead girl. Look around and look at the painting on the wall. It’s a painting the girl made. Under the bench on the right is a compartment but it’s locked with screws. Use the coin on the screws to open the compartment and take a safe out. The safe is closed and can only be opened with a key.

Go south twice and then to the north. Try to use the laptop of the doctor but you’re not allowed. So we must get him out of there. Walk to the south and to the right. Outside use the golfclub on the bin to make a terrible noise. It’ll get the doctors attention and he’ll check it out.

Go north twice and find the doctor gone. Use the laptop. It’s locked with some kind of symbol-combining lock. Connect the top square to the middle circle, the middle square to the top circle and the bottom square to the bottom circle. You can enter the patients list now and almost at the bottom you find the name of the sister. You should inform the brother now. Go south and to the right. Talk to the man outside and tell him what you’ve found.

He’ll leave but not before giving you something in memory of his sister: a MAGNET. Once the man is gone, use the shoe string with the magnet and lower the magnet on the string in the sewer. You can take a KEY out. Go north, south and north again to get to the last coach. Use the key on the safe and find a diary and notes.

You go back to the room of Dr. Wegener.

On the bookshelf is a CANDLE HOLDER. Underneath on the floor is an empty BOTTLE. Use the empty bottle on the cabinet on the right to smash it. Take one of the SHARDS. Use the glass shard on the sofa to cut the back and take the NOTE out. The note holds the code of the briefcase. Use the note on the briefcase left of the sofa and open the case. You take a few BLANK PAPERS out. Look in the cabinet on the right. Put the candleholder in the cabinet. Take on of the CANDLES lying there and use them in the candle holder.

In the cabinet is a pile of paper. Look at it and you find a FIRE STONE behind it. Use the stone on the steel plate and the candle is lit. Finally use the blank paper from the inventory on the candle to see that they’re not as blank as you thought. You can read the plan Wegener has to leave you behind and go to Italy himself to avoid your predictions. Close the letter and suddenly someone is holding a knife at your throat. You must find a way to save yourself.

All you can do here is pull the cabinet. If you don’t succeed the first time, don’t worry, you can try again. Since the story is a flashback, it must be obvious that you survived somehow. Dr. Wegener will be crushed under the cabinet and you manage to run away. You now can tell everyone about the danger to come. But like in your childhood: nobody believes you.

You return to the train.

The doctor has found you reading the papers. Now you realize he’s not a doctor but he’s Dr. Wegener, the man with the evil plan. Learn how he got the documents and what he’s planning to do. You can’t ask too much because he has to kill you.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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