You wake up near a graveyard. When you look at the tombstones you can see that everyone died here in the firestorm. But appearantly you survived. Walk to the south and as you pass a wall you realize it has been 60 years. Walk to the left and you see your house, normal as it always has been, except for that huge pile of dirt in front.

When you look at the wall with names of people who died in the storm and look at the lower row, the fourth from the left you see… your own name?! Look in the dirt to find a NEWSPAPER and a GOLFCLUB. In the newspaper you read an article about how aging stopped after the storm.

Use the golfclub on the window of the house and use the window to go inside. Next to the pile of glass is a pile of letters. Take them, actually, leave all the advertisements and take only the one letter it contains: from your brother. You read the letter. You learn his address and decide to write him back.

Look in your green jacket and find a PAPER with a quote from Mark Twain: “You must know the fact before you can twist it.”. Walk to the right and on the floor next to the carpet you can see another PAPER. Take it and look at it, it’s blank. Take a good look at the couch and find a PEN. Look at the TV. There’s still a programm on. Look at the painting. There’s a safe behind it and the key must be at a special place.

Walk to the right and go into the bedroom. Not much to find here but when you look at the toilet and open the watertank you find a KEY inside. Indeed a special place. Go back to the south and use the key on the painting. The safe becomes visible and when you use the safe, you need to enter a code. Look at the safe and you get the clue that it needs to be four digits and somewhere near the entrance of your house. There we found only two things with a number: the one on the clock (16) and the one on the house (21). But when we try that, it’s not the combination. Now if we remember the quote of Mark Twain maybe we can work it out. We couldn’t know the number of the clock, so we’ll leave it. We knew the number of the house all along so lets ‘twist’ it. Use the combination 1612. Nope. Oh well, maybe house number first then: 1216. Yes!

In the safe we find MONEY. Let’s see what money can buy these days. Go south and leave the house through the window. Walk to the right and find a man standing in front of the wall. Talk to the man and learn about the homing pigeon he’s carrying, the lack of mailmen (hence the steep price of mail delivery) and the way to get to Dusseldorf: walking.

Use the pen on the paper to write a letter. Give the letter to the man and pay him. The homing pigeon will go right away. You are tired and will go to sleep.

Four weeks later:

You are lying in your bed, dreaming. More a nightmare. Life has changed and has become very primitive. The the sound of breaking glass. You search in the dark. The window in your bedroom is still in one piece. Walk to the south and find that the window in the living room also isn’t broken.

Go south again and see that on the floor in the hall is a ROCK. Pick it up and look at it. It consists of two halfs. Open the stone and find a SCROLL inside. Go back to the right to the livingroom and look around. The safe has changed! Look at it and find that you need to enter colours now. How odd. Now we found something with colours before: in the scroll! Read it again and note the colours you encounter: red, blue and green. Inside the safe you find a GLASS SPHERE. Look at the sphere and wonder if you can see the future in it. Then you wake up.

Go south twice and leave the house through the window. Walk to the right and talk to the man again. Ask about the homing pigeon and indeed there’s a LETTER from your brother. Ask about his wife and learn that either she’d dead indeed or the man is getting a bit crazy.

Look at the letter from your brother. He asks you to come to Dusseldorf. He runs a therapy group there for people coping with the results of the storm and in the village next to you is a girl who attends the group and her parents have a car. Show her the picture so she knows who’s asking.

Look at the picture. It’s the same from your dream. Click on the eyes to see a close up of the picture. Walk to the left twice to leave town and go to the little girl. She’s not home. On the television you hear that the professor who came up with the non-aging theory has died. Then you don’t feel well…

[looking at the points in the end screen, you see a score of 290 out of 280…]

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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