You want to escape from this moon and saw the prisoner pod just landing. So since your friend doesn’t want to come along, you go by yourself.

Look at the tree, especially the roots. You can see something there but your hands can’t reach it. Use your knife to take the FRUIT from the roots. Walk north and walk slowly to the right. There’s a guard walking and the first time you will be noticed. Talk to the guard and find out about the pod and the moon. When you’re asked to leave, walk to the left and when the guard is gone, go to the right again.

At one point you can see some blinking boxes. Use the fruit on these boxes. The fruit rolls to the right and you must now hide to the left of the door. You’re standing in the shadow here and when the guard is looking for you, stay hidden. The guard will search on the other side and when you hear the guard saying that you should come out and won’t be shot, walk slowly to the guard. Make sure you have your knife ready.

Walk behind the guard and use the knife to kill her. Then search her and take her GUN and KEYCARD. Go up the stairs. Use the keycard on the door on the right. Open the door and walk over the bridge all the way to the left. You’ll end up in an elevator going down. When the elevator stopped, walk to the left again. When you’re almost at the end of the bridge, you’ll see another guard. Talk to the guard and she won’t let you pass. How to get rid of this one?

Walk back across the bridge to the elevator and go up again. When you step out of the elevator, use your gun with the down location below the bridge. You’ll shoot at the bridge below. Step into the elevator again, going down and walk to the left. Halfway you’ll see holes in the footpath. Walk further to the left and talk to the guard. There are some remarks that you can make and the causes her to step to the right. Keep making these remarks to make her step to the right until she’s standing on the holes. Then tell her you’ve got to go.

Walk to the right to the elevator again and go up. Step outside, use your gun again on the down location, but this time the guard will be standing there. Take the elevator down again and find the dead guard on the bridge. Walk further to the left, it’s unguarded now.

Enter the hangar where the prison pod is located and see if you can escape this moon ….

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