You, Bert the Super Demon Slayer Guy must defeat the evil guy that took his shelter in Sesame Street.

Part 1: Tell me how to get to Sesame Street:

The entrance is guarded and you need to get inside. Look at the fire hydrant. It might be usefull but you can’t open it with your bare hands. Walk to the north on the left side of the building. Here you will see a shed. This one has a padlock on it but that’s peanuts for your gun. Use the gun on the lock and you can browse through the shed. Take the WRENCH and the HOSE out. Go to the right to go back to the guard.

Use the wrench on the hydrant and the guard will be washed off. The water force made the guard leave his HANDCUFFS behind. Pick them up and enter the building.

You’d like to take a carrot but the ground is way to dry and hard. Use the hose on the waterpump and the other end will go into the gopher hole. This watered the earth making it wet and furtile. You can now take the CARROT. Walk further to the right and find the donkey blocking your path.

Give the carrot to the donkey and he’ll trot away so you can meet the evil handpuppet. Ask him how to get to Sesame Street and when he refuses to say, use the handcuffs on the puppet. He’ll tell you how to get there now.

Part 2: Sunny Days Sweeping The Clouds Away:

Once in Sesame Street you must now destroy the demonic machine. On the floor is the broken end of a garden HOOK. Pick it up. Walk to the right and try to open the door on the left. It’s the shower room. Since there’s someone inside, you can’t enter. Go back to the left.

Open the door under the balcony and enter the building confronting you with an evil puppet. You have to fight the puppet by clicking on the dagger below you. Do that several times until the enemy is destroyed and leaving a ROPE behind. On the floor is a huge COIN. Take it with you. The boiler here might make the person in the shower go away but you can’t do that with your bare hands.

Leave the room again on the south and outside use the hook in your inventory on the rope. Then use the rope on the balcony making it possible to climb up. Use the rope and examine the room. In the drawer on the right you find the VICE GRIPS. Take them and go downstairs again (south). Use the door to enter this room and use the vice grips on the boiler. This will destruct the boiler and more.

Leave the room again and go to the right. The door of the shower is now open but it’s too dark to see. A fuse has been blown. Walk back to the left and use the rope to climb the balcony. Use the coin on the panel to replace the fuse and go back down again and to the right, back to the shower.

You can now enter the room and find a PUPPET SKIN. Take it, leave the shower and go to the left. Then climb the rope to the room upstairs and try to open the door. There are evil puppets there. To be in cognito, use the puppet skin on the door so you’re disguised as a puppet. This way you can get to the evil brain and his machine.

Here you have to fight another duel, the same way you did before. Use the dagger icon a few times to defeat the evil brain and his machine.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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