You must sell that cave!

Standing outside the office, walk to the left to the crossroads. First inspect the property: go to the left to the cave. The grass is a bit long. But at least there’s a FLOWER. Take it. Walk to the right and go south to the woods. Next to the tree is another FLOWER. Take this one as well.

Use the hole in the tree to find a birdsnest. You can take a STICK from it. Go to the north again and walk to the right, back to the office. Enter the agency and take a SNACK from the desk. Leave the office again on the left and give a flower to the sheep. Now it’s following you. Walk to the left to the crossroads and there the sheep will stop. But you have another flower.

Give the second flower to the sheep and it will follow you again. Walk again to the left to the cave. The sheep will take care of the grass. Walk to the right and on the crossroads go south to the woods. Walk to the left and look around the tarpit. All dead trees.

Use the snack on the tree next to the pit and a jumping dino will knock the tree over. Walk to the right to the woods and then continue right to the clearing. But as soon as you enter you must run for your life.

Standing next to the stump from the tree that broke you can see only SPLINTERS. Take them and walk to the right. Next to the tree with the hole is now a BRANCH. The dino must have broken that off in his stampede. Walk further to the right to the clearing.

Take the PAMPHLET and read about this new invention: fire! Look at the fire and find a CHARCOAL stick. Walk back to the woods on the left and go north to the crossroads. Walk to the left to the cage. The grass is nice and short. Walk into the cave and use the charcoal on the wall to make a nice drawing. You can make anything you want as long as it’s filling the wall a bit.

Use the splinters on the branch here to drop it. Use the sharp stick on the splinters and you’ve got a nice fire. Leave the cave and walk to the right to the crossroads. Go north to the volcano and use the ‘phone’ to advertise your cave. Now let’s see if the clients want to buy Erk’s cave.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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