You have to find out what’s wrong with the engine.

Take the TOOLBOX from the table so you can carry some stuff with you. Your tools are missing though. Take your HAT and pick up the BLANKET from the floor. Walk through the door on the left and walk south past all the wires.

Minion is standing in front of the door that doesn’t work anymore. Pick up the SCREWDRIVER from the floor and use it on the panel on the wall to reveal the passage into the ventilator ducts. Use it to enter the vents. The fab is turning and this way you can’t pass. Use the blanket to stop the turning. Use the fan to go past it and leave the duct on the left.

Walk to the right and on the intersection go north. Pick up the SOLDERING ICON. Walk to the south twice and pick up the FILE CUTTERS. Go north and walk back to the left to the door with the faulty panel. Use the screwdriver on the panel next to the door. The panel opens and you can see the faulty wire. Use the soldering icon on the panel to repair it and the door is fixed.

Walk to the right and at the intersection go north. This is where the soldering icon was. The diagnostic screen doesn’t work anymore. On the floor is a green wire. Pick it up and talk to Minion about it. It’s some FILAMENT. Use the screwdriver on the panel and discover more cut wires.  Use the soldering icon on the panel and now you can see the wires from close up.

Look at the wires. Look at the red one. It’s important so use the soldering icon to repair it. Look at the blue one. Important too so also use the soldering icon on that wire. Then the yellow one. It’s for the display. But there’s a large piece missing. We need to replace it with another bit. Look at the green one. It’s not important so use your cutter on the green one.

You hesitate at first but when you try long enough you’ll eventually cut the wire. Use your soldering icon on the yellow wire and you’ll use the part you took from the green one to fill the gap. One diagnostic machine repaired.

The diagnostics show that the steam channels have a problem. Walk south and go to the right. Right after the door is a WRENCH. Pick it up and walk all the way to the right until you see the steam pipes. On the floor are a MOUSE AND CURSOR. Pick them up and use the wrench on the pipe that lets out steam. At least that problem is fixed. Back to the diagnostics room.

Walk to the south and then to the left. Minion will meet you half way saying there’s a problem in the gasket room. Minion will check it out but get trapped because the crab cut the wire. Walk to the left side of the door and use the mouse and cursor on the little hole to the lower right of all the pipes. The cursor will follow the maze.

Go north and follow the brown wire until there’s a purple one on the right. Enter it and follow the purple one. When the purple one makes a left turn and a green one goes north, take the green one. Keep going to the left (not north) under the brown one. After the brown one and before the purple one go north. Then make a left turn (the north is a dead end) and follow green until you are on the brown one again. To the north is the exit of the maze.

Use the soldering icon on the green wire and go back into the maze. Don’t worry you don’t have to go all the way back. The door works again and Minion is free. Walk to the right and where the brown wires turn south, walk there as well. It’s the inner engineering. When Minion opens the doors you see the crab again.

You chase the crab until it’s cornered. Use the filament on the piston to show the crab what will happen. Then the crab will tell everything.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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