Let’s tell the king you don’t like the taxes.

Look inside the blacksmith’s house. In the cabinet on the right you can see some matches but you can’t reach them. Talk to the blacksmith and ask him to get the MATCHES. Pick up the HAMMER and the BELLOWS in front of the fire. You can borrow them.

On the old stand is a fishing NET. Take it, you’ll never know. In the side of the stand are some nails. But you can’t get them out by hand. Use the hammer on the NAILS to get them out.

Walk through the passage to the castle to the north. In front of the gate is a BOUNCY BALL. Take it. The gate is closed so you can’t go to the castle yet. Walk back south and then walk to the right to go to the harbor. There’s a discussion going on. Below the pier you can see a monocle. But you can’t get there because the people discussing the taxes are blocking your path and they won’t let you pass. See the hair of the tax collector? Use the bellows to blow it into sea and he’ll leave.


Talk to the captain and ask him to come. He wants to but needs his monocle. Walk below and try to take the monocle. A crab will prevent it. Take the CRAB and then take the MONOCLE. Walk back to the captain and give him the monocle. He’ll go to the castle and wait.

Walk to the left and enter the bar. Drinks are on the house. Take the HONEY from the cupboard near the entrance. Pick up the GLASS from the bar. Talk to the barman and you’ll ask him to come along to demonstrate. He wants to but he’s too drunk. Time to sober him up.

Take some BEANS from the bag with coffee beans against the wall on the right. Look at the coffeemachine. It has no water, the beans should be powder and there’s no water. So far for the coffee.

Leave the bar and walk all the way to the left to the backstreet. There’s a girl wanting her talking hat back. Talk to her and ask her to come too. She wants to but want her hat back first. Use the fishing net with the honey and then use the sticky net on the hole in the door on the left. Victor will attach it for you. Talk to Victor and ask him to block the passage. Use the bouncy ball on the hat and it’ll come down, straight into the sticky net.

The girl will go to the castle. Walk back to the right and enter the blacksmith again. Use the empty glass on the bucket to fill the glass with WATER. Leave the blacksmith and walk to the right and go back to the bar. Use the glass with water on the coffeemachine. Use the crab with the beans to grind them and then use the powder on the coffeemachine as well. Finally use the matches on the coffeemachine to light the candle and heat the machine. Use the empty glass on the machine to fill it with COFFEE. Give the coffee to the barman to sober him up a bit. He’ll come too!

Leave the bar and walk to the left, back to the castle. When you talk to the guard about the demonstration, you’re arrested. The punishment is two years in prison. Hmm.. we can’t wait that long.

Every now and then a guard shows up. As soon as he does, talk to him and ask for something to eat. You’ll get a PRETZEL. Give the pretzel to Victor. Talk to the guard again as soon as you see him and ask for more food. This time it’s SOUP. Use the soup on the toilet since it’s no good but you keep the SPOON and the BOWL. Talk to the guard again. More food. Eehhh. No more food.

When the guard looks away but is still outside, use the bowl on the guard out of frustration and he goes out cold. Use the spoon on the KEY that’s just out of reach. Use the key to unlock the door and leave the cell.

On the left is a desk. Look at the drawer and take a SANDWICH out. On the wall is a key but you can’t reach it. Walk through the door on the right and take the PLANK that’s standing against the wall under the window. Walk back to the desk with the key above it and use the plank on the desk. Now you can take the KEY. Go into the cell and use the keys on Victor. He’s free again.

Walk to the left and then to the right into the other room. Talk to Victor and ask him to lift you so you can use the window. Walk to the right and use the window. The wizard is there and a bit in distress. He has seen the king’s true face and now fears for his life. You have to help him.

You need a circle of six candles in the room of the king. The wizard will work out the rest while you take care of the candles. Use the window to go out and use the window on the left to go back to Victor. On the shelf on the right are CANDLES. Take them. Use the candles on the hot water pipe left of the desk so they melt a little. Now you have to be quick because the candles will harden again.

Talk to Victor, ask him to lift you again and use the rocks at the far right to climb up to the bedroom of the king. Use the candles on the floor in front of the doors to make a circle.

On one of the corners of the bed is a FEATHER. Take it. Pick up the tree to take just a few LEAVES and then go throught the exit on the right. Use the window on the right to go back to the wizard. You can just see how the king and the wizard are talking and how the wizard is turned into stone. Walk to the left and look at the book on the desk. There you can read the recipe with the three ingredients.

Climb through the window and talk to the Gargoyle. Talk to him several times and learn about his allergy. Good! Use the feather on the gargoyle and he’ll shed tears. Use the bowl on the gargoyle to catch the TEARS. Use the window on the left to go inside again. Walk through the door on the right and use the leaves on the potato press. Use the bowl on the press and then use the press to get the ESSENCE. Pick up the BOWL again.

Now for the proof of friendship walk through the door on the right. Talk to the rat sitting next to the camera. He’s the king’s photographer. And he’s hungry. But there’s nothing to eat. Eat the hamburger yourself and the CHEESE will stay behind. Give the cheese to the rat and talk to him again. Ask for a photograph and he’ll give you your PICTURE.

Talk to Victor and ask him to join you on the picture. He’ll agree and the rat will make your PROOF OF FRIENDSHIP. Use the picture of the two of you on the bowl. Talk to Victor and ask him to lift you up again so you can use the window. Outside walk to the right and use the bricks to climb to the room of the king. Inside use the bowl on the circle of candles and there’s the spell.

Since the officer isn’t getting out of his bath, you need to get the king to him. Use the knurled handle on the left of the door to ring a servant. He’ll tell you about the taxes and the king taking a bath. Walk through the doors behind the bath and in the hallway use the cabinet to open it. Inside you can find a HANDLE. Take the handle and walk back to the right. Use the exit on the right and then use the window on the left.

There are two water pipes in the room. You used the hot one to melt the candles. Use the handle on the cold water pipe to put in on, then use the handle to shut it off. The king’s bath will get hotter now. He’ll let you know. Talk to Victor again to get a lift and outside use the bricks to climb back to the king’s bedroom again.

Walk through the door behind the bath and see the king having a discussion with the servant. Use the bowl on the king to knock him out. You take the king to the devil and he’ll be rescued. You’re the hero of the day.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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