You can’t find your shoes.

In the window sill is a box of MATCHES. Take them. Look at the bed and you’ll notice one of the boards has a crack. Use the BOARD with the crack to take it out and then take a SPRING from under the bed. Go back to the room and use the spring on the carpet in the room and then use the board on the spring to turn the spring into a long WIRE. Pick it up and use it on the locked cabinet on the left. Open the cabinet and look inside. In the cabinet you find… DIRTY SOCKS, a SCARF and a RAIN COAT. Take them all.

On the side of the cabinet is a secret button. Push it and a drawer with jewels will open. Take some of the JEWELS with you. Pick them up at least twice.  Look inside your raincoat to find a NOTE with some codes on it. Seems to be from a safe. Turn around and walk to the armour against the other wall.  Take the GUN standing next to Arnold.

Use the matches on the gun to use as gunpowder. Then use the long wire with the gun to stuff the gun. Use the jewels with the gun and it’s a loaded gun. Use the gun on the candelabra on the ceiling to shoot it down. Well… at least you to the SHARP SPLINTER off.

Use the window on the right to open it and reload the gun again: use the matches on the gun, use the long wire to stuff it and the jewels on the gun to load it. Use the gun on the window and you’ll shoot a bird outside. The feathers will attract Antonio. While the cat is investigating the feathers, use the plank on the cat. Pick up the CAT and the FEATHERS.

On the right, next to the armor is a rug on the wall. Now there are two ways to get to the safe:


Use the sharp splinter to cut the rug and find the safe behind it.


Use the scarf on the rug to make it static charged. Then use the feathers on the rug to make them stick. Use the dirty socks on the cat to revive him and then use the cat on the feathers on the rug so it’s scratched open.

Either way, when the safe is visible use the note with code on the safe to open it. Then use the safe again to see what’s inside: your shoes!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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