[Note: This game will work under Windows 11. But if you ALT-TAB out of it and want to return, it’ll freeze which will make you have to play in one go. The game is not keen on external keystrokes. The solution for this, once you’ve left the game to another window and want to return is to use the task manager. Look for the DTI process, right click and select ‘Switch To’. Then the game continues as normal.]

You’re in your cabin.

There’s commotion at the door so turn around to the door and use it to talk to the mutineers on the other side. You need to find a way out if you want to live. Turn around from the door and use the window to open it and find Long John Silver’s parrot. The parrot will give you a LETTER and a MAP.

Sixteen degree, twenty-six in longitude,
By eighty-five and ten in latitude;
Deadly reefs ring the Emerald Isle,
Come alone if you would have fortune smile.
The Flowery Coast is your port,
Elsewhere, fear must be your consort.

Before you leave through the window, you realize you can’t just jump out. Turn back towards the door and turn slightly left. The post holds a BLACK SPOT and a piece of ROPE. Turn left towards the desk and on the left there’s a shelf. On the shelf you’ll find a SEXTANT.


Look up at the ceiling and find a CHRONOMETER on it. Take it. Look on the floor left of the table with the globe on it and find another piece of ROPE there and a LIGHTER.

In your inventory tie the two pieces of rope together with a sheet knot (bottom, top, bottom and middle). Then use the combination on the bench with a mooring with two half stitches (middle, bottom, bottom, middle and middle). Now you can use the window to leave the ship.

On the beach, take the BLOCK from the bowsprit (the pole at the bow of the boat). There are two paths leading from the beach. Take the one on the left. Look around and find the ropes in the palm tree. They’re part of a trolley system but it’s broken. Use the ropes to pull the trolley handle towards you and take the HANDLE from the ropes.  Look at it in your inventory. It’s missing a wheel.

In your inventory look at the  block you took earlier. You can dismantle it and turn it into a CHEEK PLATE, a WHEEL, and an AXLE. Use the wheel with the handle and add the axle to it to fix it.  Select the fixed trolley and use it on the ropes in the tree, then use the trolley to cross the gorge.

Follow the path and at the tree with markings. The path splits here but walk to the right where you can see a waterfall in the distance. When standing in front of the water, look at the riverbed to see the prints in the mud. Then turn to your right and see the skull cave. Walk into it.

Inside you can find a number of items: a HELMET. Next to it to the left is a KNIFE BLADE and a little further FUEL for the fire. Take this fuel and put it on the fireplace. To the right of the fireplace is a piece of STRING. Next to the string is a BROKEN STATUETTE and next to that a FIGURINE. Take them all and leave the cave for now.

Walk forward and turn to the right, the walk towards the black stone. Take the rusty KNIFE from the rock. It seems like the rock is a big magnet. Look at the knife in your inventory. You can take it apart. It will result in a rusty blade which is useless and a HILT with interesting initials carved into it. Combine the hilt, the blade you found earlier and the string to create a new KNIFE. You need to do this with a constrictor knot (middle, top, bottom, middle and middle).

Walk back towards the skull rock and take the path on the right. Look at the tree on your left with carvings in it. Underneath the tree is a terracotta pot.  Pick up the pot to notice the resin. You’ll drop the pot again. Use your knife on the tree to carve it some more and resin will start seeping out. Pick up the POT again and use the pot on the tree to catch the RESIN. You might want to step away from the cliff though…

Turn right and walk to the gate in the back. Left of the gate is a hatch. Look at it to find the ring. You need some kind of hook. There’s not really more you can do here at the moment, so turn around and walk back to the sap tree.

You must find where the banana tree stands,
And take the ram’s right horn in your hand;
When in the wood the song ceases,
The feathers you’ll find where the beach is.

Turn around and take the path right of the one leading to the gate you just came from. You should reach the ropes and trolley across the gorge again. Use the trolley to traverse and on the other side turn left and pick up an orange FLOWER. Walk straight ahead.

You’ll reach a banana tree. Look at the hammock on the left. Might Long John have been here? Pick up the BOTTLE from the ground, then take a BANANA from the tree. On the right of the tree is a HORN on the rocks. Pick it up and you’ll blow in it.

Take the path to the right of that rock back to the beach. Turn to your right to see a snake head made of stone. In it’s mouth there’s a PACKAGE wrapped in oilcloth.

A sculpted stone idol you must look for
There to retie, gather, set and restore:
In the sky, two colors by the sea reflected.
A flower on the necklace blooms if they’re blended.

Pick up the fire wood and put it in the fire place. In your inventory open the package and get OAKUM, a CAULKING IRON and a MALLET. Walk along the beach away from the snake and find another statue with a parrot on top. Talk to the parrot and listen what he has to say. Apparently the parrot wants nanasinrum.

In your inventory, disassemble the bottle of rum to take the CORK off. Use the knife on the banana to cut it into pieces, then put the banana in the helmet. Finally add the bottle of rum to the helmet to create the NANASINRUM. Talk to the parrot and give the bananas in rum. In return it’ll drop a red feather.

On the right side of the statue near the base is a string hanging loos.e. Select it to make a decorative knot (middle, top, middle, top, middle, middle and middle). Turn to the right and walk along the beach. Look around and find a BLUE FEATHER in the sand. Underneath is a YELLOW FEATHER. Left of the feathers is a RED SEASHELL. Pick it up and walk back to the statue.

Pick up the red feather and put it on the left side of the necklace. Take the yellow one from your inventory and put it on the right side. Put the orange flower from your inventory in the hole in the center and put the red seashell below it on the left.

The parrot will fly away. Open your inventory and select the map on the left. Select Skull Rock on it to travel there.

Set a flame a-dancing in the dead man’s eyes.

Inside the cave, open your inventory and select the lighter. Use it on the fuel of the fire pit to set fire to the logs.

And when shadows fall, be bold and smite;
Mallet raised, attack the pirates with all your might.
Hook, pegleg, dagger and pistol you must hit,
And with a fearsome blast of the left horn, you’ll finish it.

Take the pot with cold resin from your inventory and put it on the fire to create HOT RESIN. Use it on the broken figurine in your inventory to repair it and then put the two figurines next to the fire under the skull plaque. A shadow will be cast on a grid on the wall. Now follow the enigma. Number the squares from 1 to 24, left to right, top to bottom. Take the mallet from your inventory and hit the hook (9), pegleg (24), dagger (1) and pistol (10).

A compartment will open and you can take the other HORN out which you will blow as well.

As the prologue now has said it all,
So then life’s rotten fruit
From the gibblet must fall.

You’ll see the hanging skeleton next to the closed gate fall down.

All that falls is profit made,
For your passage surely must be paid.
One hundred nine schillings, if they’re the right weight,
Will quickly lead to an open gate.

Pick up both FIGURINES and look at the map. Select Gallows Gate on it. The parrot will announce some existence of money. Look at the skeleton and take the HOOK from it. There’s also a GLASS EYE and a CLOTH on the skeleton to take. If you didn’t pick up the chronometer in your cabin at the start, there will be a WATCH here.

Talk to the parrot who’s sitting on top of the gallows to hear him sing the start of a pirate song. Now you’ll have to tell him the correct verse and when you do he moves closer to the end of the gallows where a bag of coins is hanging. If you tell the incorrect verse you need to start again. Once the parrot has reached the end, he’ll drop a PURSE with coins. The song is:

Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.
Drink and the devil had done for the rest. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.
The mate was fixed by the bosun’s pike. The bosun brained with a marlinspike.
And cookey’s throat was marked belike. It had been gripped by fingers ten.
And there they lay, all good dead men. Like break o’day in a boozing ken.
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.

Turn around and use the hook on the hatch in the wall and it’ll open and reveal a scale and a text above it:

Near the scale, your purse is laid,
Choose from it the coins to be weighed:
The number you count out must equal be
To the number of seas in the world to see.

Put the purse on the right of the scale and now you need to start counting. You must count to 7 (coins) and have a total of 109 shillings (enigma). To achieve this, use 2 Louis d’Or (2 x 28 = 56), 2 Guineas (2 x 23 = 46, 102 total), 1 Piaster (1 x 5 = 5, 107 total) and 2 Pistareens (2 x 1 = 2, 109 total). The gate will now open.

Let burning bones be your guide,
As on your journey you boldly stride.

On the wall on the left there’s a blackened bone. Take the BONE from the wall and in your inventory use the bone with the (now) cold resin to create a MACABRE TORCH. Put the torch back on the wall where you took it and use the lighter to light the torch. The whole tunnel will be lit.

Walk into the tunnel until you reach the other end and note the footprints.

Once the mountain left behind,
In the heart of a valley most unkind,
Seek the cross that to you is dear
Upon the beast which you must shear.

After leaving the tunnel, you’ll find a pair of shears and a feeder that had salt in it on your right but you can’t do much with them yet. Walk forward into the jungle and look down. You’ll find a trap but can step over it. Walk further forward until you reach a gate.

Look to you left to find a ram. So this is the one you need to shear. That means it has to come with you. The feeder had salt in it so if you can fill it with salt again…. Look at the map and travel to the idol. Once there, turn right and walk forward to a pool. Use your helmet on the pool to get some SALT WATER.

Select the map again and travel to the Skull Rock. There’s a fire going and when you use the helmet on the fire, the water evaporates leaving you with a helmet full of SALT.  You can also choose to make a fire next to the Snake Statue but this fire is going already. Select the map and travel to Snare Valley. Put the helmet with salt on the feeder and turn around, walking to the gate with the ram. Use the ram to tell it you got some salt.

You’ve caught the ram so now you can pick up the shears and use it on the ram to see another part of the map and the second part of the enigma. Now you should be able to get to the end.

Without are dogs and murderers,
And whoremongers and sorcerers
and whosoever maketh a lie.
And if in this holy verse a number you spy,
The saber-ruled door you may try.
But are you lost and running blind?
Well, friend, if you’ve got a black spot
Look at it and you will find.

Walk towards the gate and look at the hatch next to it that opened. There are 4 swords that need to be raised to a certain height. But which? The enigma mentions the black spot and when you look it in your inventory you see a word and some verses. The text in the enigma corresponds with Revelation 22:15 so set the swords (from left to right) accordingly in height. The gate will now open.

One rabbit, five monkeys and thirteen snakes,
A head will open, yet cause no aches.

Walk up the stairs and take the path to the right of the stone bench where you’ll find a large statue on your left which makes a terrifying growl and scares you so much that you run all the way down the stairs again and almost into the trap. Luckily the ram already sprung it, but if you look at it, you’ll see it’s torn and need some items to fix it. Not now though. Go back as you came: towards the gate and up the stairs where the stone bench is.

There are now two stone disks here. Take the DISKS and go to the path on the left of the bench. You will see where the disks should go so put them in the right location. Now according to the enigma: set the left disk to rabbit (with the long ears) and the right one to 1 dot. The stone door should rise slightly. Then set the left disk to money, the right one to  1 bar (it’s numbered sequentially so after 4 dots comes 1 bar). Finally select the snake on the left wheel and the right one to two bars and three dots. The door should now be completely opened.

‘Tis the pirates’ turn to wage their attack.
America’s towns suffer when they ransack:
Set a hook Between two lakes,
A slashing saber Near desert waste
A pegleg that paces O’er the isthmus’ fine spaces.
To open all eyes,
On your three master set sail,
And make haste for Cuba,
In the teeth of the gale.

Take the DISKS from the wall. Go up the stairs into the hollow head and you’re greeted by the parrot again. Talk to the parrot and hear part of the enigma again. Look around to find the ‘mouth’ of the head and there’s a PACKAGE wrapped in cloth on the table. Pick it up and look at the map on the other table. You need to place figurines at the correct spot according to the enigma.

In your inventory unpack the package and you’ll get a HULL, a few MASTS and a SAIL MAKER KIT. Use the sail maker kit with the cloth you found earlier to create a SAIL. Combine the masts and the hull and add the sails to it to create a model SHIP. On the table is a FIGURINE. Pick it up and since it has a saber, it should go near desert waste.

The desert is the upper left spot so place the figurine there. Take the one with the peg leg from your inventory and place it at the bottom spot, the one with the hook in the middle. Put the miniature ship on the stand in the middle. Click on the sails several times so they go where the parrot tells them to go (port  is left, starboard is right). As soon as you’ve got the right direction it’s full speed ahead.

Twixt a camel’s humps stands a fine proud tree
Where the heart sticks to spades.
The bone gleams forth, the wood’s in the shade.

Take the SKULL from the ‘eyes’ and you’ll see the camel’s humps. Pick up the SHIP from the map and leave the hollow head walking down the stairs. Walk forward and turn around to face the stone bench, then take the path to the right of the bench.

Walk forward until you reach a swamp. Just in front of it you can find DRIED CLAY. Pick it up. Walk forwards twice to the tree on the other side to find yourself in quicksand. From behind the tree someone tosses a hangman’s rope. Take the NOOSE and in your inventory disassemble the noose to get a ROPE. Add the hook to the rope and you’ll have to make a Capuchin knot (bottom, top, middle, middle, top and middle). You’ve now created a GRAPNEL.

Use the grapnel on the tree in front of you to pull yourself out of the quicksand. Walk the path straight ahead to a tree with a spade symbol on it. In your inventory put both horns in the skull with the heart on it and attach the combination to the tree.

Cast an eye at the skull
And where it comes to rest,
Be sure it will lead you to the buried chest.

Take the glass eye from your inventory and use it on the skull. It’ll drop below so that’s where you have to go as well. In your inventory disassemble the grapnel back into a ROPE and a HOOK and use the rope on the root of the tree. You need to use a figure eight knot: middle, top, middle, top, middle, bottom, middle, top and middle.

You can now climb down to where the glass eye came to rest. Pick up the EYE again and you’ll make sure that you’ll know where to dig.

Your guide’s look turns fierce
If the sun’s rays begin to pierce.
Close for the taking
The metal’s awaiting
Reach out and take it, no hesitating.

Now you need something to dig with. Walk forward across the bridge and turn right towards a mine. Walk forward again and you’ll see Pepita fall down a well. Look at the well and take the BLOCK that’s hanging above the well.

Look around to everything here and you’ll soon realize who was responsible for what happened along the way. From the well, look to the right and pick up the PICK resting against the beam. In the box next to it you can find a WHEEL, an AXLE and a short piece of ROPE.  Turn around to the other side to find a closed box on the ground. Open the box and look at the journal in there to learn about the Spanish colonization.

Turn further to the right and pick up the MEGAPHONE from the box. Open the box and take the long ROPE from it. In your inventory combine the block cheek with the wheel and the axle to create a new BLOCK. You now have two. Combine the two blocks and the long rope to create a TACKLE.

Put the tackle on the beam above the well with a clove hitch (middle, bottom and middle). Use the smaller rope at the other end of the tackle using a bowline (middle, top, bottom, bottom, middle and middle). In your inventory disassemble the pick to get the SPIKE and the HEAD. Take the spike and put it in the cylinder next to the well. Then push the handle to lift Pepita out of the well.

You’ll faint and when you recover, Pepita is gone. Take the SPIKE from the drum and pull the TACKLE and rope from the frame above the well. From where you recovered, walk back to where you came from and find one of the pages pinned to the fence. Coincidentally it’s about the fever you have. Look at the text at the bottom to realize you’ll probably have to make some tea.

Climb the ladder next to the page. Look at the tree. There’s a heart carved into it. Take the knife from your inventory and use it on the bark to loosen it first and then use it again to take the BARK from the tree. Use the helmet in your inventory to take some WATER from the trough next to the tree.

Turn around and walk back to the box with the journal. Turn left there and step forward to enter the forge. Looking on the right you’ll see a pile of fuel. Pick it up and put it on the fireplace under the pot. Use the lighter from your inventory on the fuel to make fire. Put the helmet with the water on the fire to boil it. When you have the boiling water, in your inventory add the heart shaped bark to the water to make tea and you’ll drink.

Turn right and leave the forge. Turn right and walk towards the fence with the page on it. Turn left there and walk across the bridge to the location where you’ve marked the treasure spot. In your inventory add the axe head to the spike to assemble the pick axe again and use it on the x. You’ll find a treasure chest.

Look inside the chest to find an intricate lock. Look at the components and find a damaged part on the right. Take the CARRIAGE from the chest. In your inventory take the sextant and disassemble it. You’ll get a VENIER, a small MIRROR and a LENS. Take the chronometer (or the watch) and disassemble it to get GEARS and a CASE.

Put the mirror in the damaged carriage and put the carriage back in the chest. Insert the glass eye into the skull. Put the gears in the center at the front between the carriage.  Put the lens on the holder in the middle on the left.

Now that everything is repaired, you need to cast a ray on the latch on the left near the lens. The gears can switch between the left and right carriage, the carriages can be moved and the mirrors on there can be tilted.

Set the gear switch to the left carriage and move the carriage twice to the left. Make sure the mirror is at a 45 degree angle. Set the gears to point to the right and set the carriage all the way to the right. Tilt the mirror to 45 degrees as well and it should cast the ray to the latch on the left and melt it. The chest will now open.

Take the BAR (with wheel) from the chest and you’ll find the treasure underneath. Take the TREASURE from the chest and you’ll find a new enigma underneath for even more treasure.

If you value nothing more that silver and gold,
Then turn back now, ‘fore you grow old;
But if you hear the voice of friendship and your heart yearns for more,
Then pursue your quest, for you a greater treasure is in store…
Turn the tiller so the water in a rush
Fills the sluice to its brim flush.

Next to the chest is a pile of SAND. Take it and walk back across the bridge, then turn right and walk forward twice towards the well. Turn to your right and put the wheel with bar on the beam behind the box. Turn the wheel and the trough will fill with water.

Your three-master to the current you’ll commend.
And where e’er she founders or runs aground,
Your final chart is sure to be found.

Put your model ship on the water and walk towards the fence with the note. On your left you’ll see your ship blocked. There’s a PARCHMENT stuck to the mast so pick it up. It’s the next part of your map.

The River of Blood most assuredly calls,
But avoid reefs, rapids and other pitfalls.

Pepita will appear and tell you about the real treasure. Talk to her to learn about Long John and their adventures.

Once Pepita is gone, walk towards the fence with the note on it and turn right, then walk forwards to the rope ladder. Climb it to the top and walk forwards to the black flag. But don’t walk too far because there are pirates! Turn right and walk into the hut. On the shelves on your right you can find a HOOK, a perforated WATERSKIN and some TUBES. Take them. A bit to the right is a POLE leaning against the shelves. Might also come in handy. Look at the cannon on your left. It’s completely clogged up by gunpowder and soot.

Turn around and leave the hut. On your left is the mast with the flag and you can use it to climb onto the roof of the hut.  Look down to the pirates and overhear the conversation. Now that you know the seriousness of it, look around. On the water is your ship. On the table next to one of the pirates is a tobacco pouch, some bullets and a powder horn.

In your inventory disassemble the sail maker kit to get a NEEDLE and THREAD. Use the thread, the pole and the hook to create a FISHING ROD using a uni knot (middle, bottom, middle, top, middle, bottom, middle, middle and middle).

Use the fishing rod on the powder horn below and disassemble the rod to take the POWDER HORN from it. Repeat the process with the TOBACCO POUCH. Once you’ve got them, combine the powder horn with the tobacco pouch to create a BOOBY-TRAPPED TOBACCO POUCH. Combine it to the rod and put it back where you found it.

[Note: If you accidentally disassembled the powder horn, you don’t have any gun powder. No worries, climb down the hut and go inside. Take the lid from the powder keg next to the cannon and use the tobacco pouch directly on the powder keg to booby trap it that way. Then climb back up the hut and put the tobacco pouch back on the table with the fishing rod.]

With the two pirates now harmless on the ground, take the short rope from your inventory and use it on the pirates to tie them up. You’ll need to use a double loop bridle knot (middle, bottom, middle, bottom and middle). Take the bag with BULLETS from the box and the NETTING NEEDLE from the ground in front of the box. A little to the right you can find an empty PISTOL.

Climb down the rope ladder to the beach. Walk along the beach to the pool but then you’re shot at so you’ll need to find cover. You’ll go back to the rocks at the bottom of the ladder. Climb the ladder and go back into the hut.

Take the swab on the right from the wall and use it on the muzzle of the cannon to clean it. Then put the swab back on the wall. If you haven’t done already, take the lid from the gun powder barrel next to the cannon, then take the shovel from the wall and use it on the barrel to scoop some gunpowder in it. Empty the shovel on the muzzle of the cannon.

Put the shovel back on the wall and then take the rammer from the wall and use it on the muzzle to press the powder into the cannon. Take the tackle from your inventory and use it on the hook on the right of the window. If you’ve disassembled it already, put two blocks and the long rope together. Disassemble the pick axe into  the SPIKE and the AXE HEAD and use the spike on the trunnion left of the cannon.

Now we need some ammo. Remember the journal? Use the map and select the forge. Walk outside and use your empty helmet with the trough to scoop some WATER in it, then turn around and walk back into the forge. In your inventory, take the helmet with water and combine it with the clay and the sand to create a MIXTURE.

Take the mixture and put it in the container in front of the molding boxes. Take an empty moulding box and put it in between the pegs on the worktop. Take the hemispherical mould from the left and place it inside the moulding box.

Take some mixture from the container on the left and put it in the prepared mould. Pick up the moulding box and turn to the right. Put the box in one of the holding bays. Return to the worktop and put another moulding box on the pegs.  The hemispherical mould should still be there. Take the conical mould from the right and put it on top of the hemisphere.  Fill the box with the mixture again. Take the conical mould out of the box and pick up the mould box and put it on top of the other one in the holding bay.

Pull the handle above the holding bay to use the bellows and notice there’s a hole in it so won’t work. In your inventory, disassemble the fishing rod back into a HOOK, a POLE and a THREAD. Combine the thread with the needle to restore your SAILMAKERS KIT and use this kit on the bellows to fix them.

Now they’re fixed, they don’t point at the fire. To the right of the fire, on the wall is an extension tube. Take it and attach it to the bellows. Now you can heat up the fire but you still need some metal to melt.  Take the treasure from your inventory and put it in the crucible above the fire.

Now that you’ve molten metal, you need to pour it into the mould. Take the tongs from the wall on the right of the fire and use it to lift the crucible and pour it. Put the crucible and the tongs back where they came from and lift the mould box and put it in the other holding bay. Take the CANNONBALL from the mould.

Remove the extension tube from the bellows. In your inventory combine the tubes with the perforated waterskin to create a STRANGE DEVICE and use the device on the nozzle of the bellows. Pull the handle to fill the strange device with air and create a DIVING APPARATUS.

Look at the map and return to the fort. Put the cannonball into the cannon and pull the SPIKE. Pull the rope in front of the cannon to roll it forward. Take the oakum from your inventory and use it on the linstock on the left to add a wick. Use the lighter from your inventory on the linstock to light it and use the linstock on the cannon to fire it. One ship down and the coast is clear.

If the powder horn is empty, us it on the barrel next to the cannon to fill it again. In your inventory, combine the powder horn, the bullets and the pistol to get a LOADED PISTOL. Leave the hut, turn right and walk towards the rope ladder. Climb down the ladder to the beach and turn right, then walk forwards to the pool in front of you.

Turn left to face the wreck and go forwards to dive to the wreck. On your right is a shell with a surgeons case in it but when you try to take it, the shell will close so you need something to keep it open. Take the spike from your inventory and use it on the shell so you can take the SURGEONS CASE. Then you can take back the SPIKE as well. Use the knife from your inventory on the SPONGE  in front of you. Turn left until you see the CANNONBALL and pick it up. Just above the cannonball you can read some carvings into the ships hull but you’ve no clue what it means. Look straight up to turn back to the beach.

Walk along the beach until you reach your dinghy. The pirates made a nice hole in it. Turn left and you’ll find some boards nailed to a piece of the mast. In your inventory disassemble the surgeon’s case to get the FORCEPS and a SAW from it. Take the forceps and use them on the nails, take the saw to cut the planks to size and put them back on the boat.

Take the oakum from your inventory and use them on the planks. Turn around and take the path to the right to the stone snake statue. Next to it is a fireplace and if you haven’t got a fire here, take the FUEL from the left and put it on the fireplace, then use the lighter to make a fire. Take the cold resin from your inventory and put it on the fire to heat it up. Turn left and walk back to the boat, using the HOT RESIN on the planks to fix then in place. Use the boat to travel to the waterfalls.

The enigma with dagger, you’ll soon seal its fate,
Allowing you to traverse the watery gate.

Once you’ve reached the other side, take the ROPE from your boat and use it on the ring on the wall on the right. You need to make an anchor hitch (bottom, bottom, top, middle and middle). You can now leave the boat at the stern. Look at the skeleton to realize you’d better not get into the water. Turn around and see a bell. On top of the rocks is the parrot again. Talk to the parrot and you’ll be warned. You’ll hear Pepita and the pirates as well. Talk more to the parrot and it’ll tell you about the enigma and the twin dagger. As soon as the bird flies away, the TWIN DAGGER will drop from the ledge. Pick it up and ring the bell.

The pirates want to talk to Long John. Talk to them and eventually they want treasure. They’ll lower a basket. If you put the cannonball in there, they’ll hoist it up but they don’t believe it’s gold and silver so you must come up with something else.

In your inventory, put the cork on the bottle of rum and sent it up. It’ll eliminate at least one of the pirates. Return to the boat and look at the holes in the rock face left of the mooring ring. Take the twin dagger from your inventory and use it on the holes to climb up.  You alternate between the daggers to climb. Once you’ve reached the other end you’ll meet Long John.

Talk to Long John and then look around the cave. Better not bother these snakes. Walk up the steps with the stone with glyphs overhead. Long John will warn that Morgan will be up there. As soon as you see him, take the loaded pistol from your inventory and shoot him.

Pepita is in chains and according to Morgan there might be another key. Turn around to face the table and take the MIRROR from it. Also pick up the SLATE. Turn to the right and pick up the BOTTLE OF RUM from the floor.

Use the map to travel to Snare Valley. Walk north towards the gate in the back and up the stairs. In the back you’ll see a pirate so you can’t get any closer. Select Snare Valley on the map again. On the left is the trap net hanging. Use the netting needle on it to repair the net and set the trap again. Now walk forward again and up the stairs. Now take the path on the left and go up the stairs right of the disc-receptacles.

Inside the skull you wait until the pirate walks past and then to scare him use the megaphone on the ‘mouth’ of the skull. The pirate will run and be caught in the trap. Take the KEY hanging out of his pocket. On the map select the waterfall. Go through the waterfall in front of you back to Long John and Pepita. Use the key on the shackles of Pepita to free her.

Talk to Morgan and talk to Long John who will tell you more and take you back to the snake cave. There he’ll tell you about the glyphs over the stairs and the enigma.

Let them answer all three beneath the serpent’s gaze:
From south to white north, how many days?
From south to west, how many to count?
And from west to north, add what amount?

Facing the table, turn around to see familiar receptacles on the wall. Take the discs from your inventory and put them on the wall. Pepita will explain more. The base underneath the disks is dirty so take the sponge from your inventory to clean it. Now you can clearly see the symbols and colors. Look at them and Long John will tell you more about them.

Now you need a compass to count the days on the base. Use the map and go to Cape Fear. From your inventory disassemble the sail makers kit to get the NEEDLE and the THREAD again. Take the needle and hold it against the stone in front of you to get a MAGNETIC NEEDLE.

Use the map to travel to the forge and mine. Turn around and walk towards the trough. Use your helmet on the trough to get some WATER. Use the map again and return to the waterfall. Go through the waterfall in front of you to return to Pepita and Long John.

On the Mayan wheel, empty the helmet into the bowl. In your inventory, disassemble the bottle of rum to get the CORK and use the magnetic needle with the cork. Then put the combination on the water you just poured. The needle will point at 1 Flint (North).

Q1: From south to white north, how many days?

Set the disks in front of you to 1 Rain (South). Looking at the button under the disks should tell you the start date. Once you’ve got the start date, push the button until you’ve reached the destination date (1 Flint). The number should be 39.

Q2: From south to west, how many to count?

Set the disks in front of you to 1 Rain (South). Push the button until you’ve reached the destination date (7 Monkey). The number should be 32.

Q3: And from west to north, add what amount?

Set the disks in front of you to 7 Monkey (West). They should be there already but just make sure and reset the wheels. Push the button until you’ve reached the destination date (1 Flint). The number should be 7.

Turn around and face the other people. Each of them have a number of colored blocks with a number on them. Long John has blue numbers (1 dot (1), 3 dots (3), 1 bar/4 dots (9), 2 bars/2 dots (12) and 3 bars/4  dots (19)), Pepita has yellow numbers (2 dots (2), 3 dots (3), 2 bars/1 dot (11), 2 bars/4 dots (14) and 3 bars/2 dots (17)) and you have white numbers (2 dots (2), 1 bar/3 dots (8), 1 bar/4 dots (9), 2 bars/1 dot (11) and 3 bars/2 dots (17)).

Next to Pepita is a question. The answer of the question must be formed by a block from one of each color. So the answer to the first question is 39. That can be made up of  white: 1 bar/4 dots (9), blue: 3 bars/4 dots (19) and yellow: 2 bars/1 dot (11). Push the corresponding buttons at each person to answer the first question, then push the serpents head to go to the next.

The next answer is 32. That can be made up of white: 1 bar/4 dots (9), blue: 2 bars/2 dots (12) and yellow: 2 bars/1 dot (11). Push the corresponding buttons at each person to answer the second question, then push the serpents head to go to the next.

The next answer is 7. That can be made up of white: 2 dots (2), blue: 3 dots (3) and yellow: 2 dots (2). Push the corresponding buttons at each person to answer the third question.

The second part of the enigma will now start.

When ‘twixt their arms the moon takes shape,
The dazzle of riches will leave all agape.

You now need to match the table in front of you with the image on the wall. To do that: you press (your) left twice, Pepita presses (her) left twice, you press (your) right twice, Long John presses (his) left three times and Pepita presses (her) left twice.

The treasure will reveal but the snakes as well. To free Long John from the snake, use the mirror from your inventory on the table in front of you to chase the snake away.

Game source: A demo of the game was found here on the internet.

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