An angel is missing. And it’s your job to find him.

Chapter 1: Corpse in the clouds

Look at the pedestal. It has a picture of an eye on it and some say there’s something important in it. Talk to Michael next to you but he can’t tell you much more. Leave the room to the south.

At the right on this floor is a ROPE. Take it. Go down the ladder and take the STICK standing on the right of the ladder. Walk to the door on the left and enter it. It’s the library. Use the yellow book on the lower left to find an piece of PAPER inside. You can’t read it though. The red book to the right of it is a DICTIONARY. Might be usefull. The blue book behind Joseph is an ENCYCLOPEDIA. Take it. Talk to Joseph but he’s not much help either. Leave the library and walk to the door on the left on the middle floor.


Talk to Michael again and tell him you can’t find Simon. Insist that he’s nowhere within the walls and when Michael tells you there hasn’t been anyone outside the walls in the last 500 years tell him that Jacob must have found a way. Michael wants to have proof and tell him you want to make sure the key is still where it should be. Michael then acuses you of lying. Admit it and he’ll give you half the KEY because you were honest. The other half is in the pedestal.

Use the pedestal and you’ll have to do a slider puzzle to open the pedestal. See here for more information and help about the slider puzzle. Once the puzzle is solved, you get the other half of the KEY. Talk to Michael again and ask him about the piece of paper. He has a similar piece of PAPER and will give it to you. Use the two pieces paper together in the inventory to make it one and then use the dictionary (red book) on the piece of paper to translate it. Look at the paper again to read the text.

You must find out what Gods Youth is. Use the blue book in the inventory to find it out. Leave the room on the south and walk to the left door on the lower level to enter the library again. Talk to Joseph and ask for holy WATER to repair the key. Use one key part on the water and then on the other key to make one key. Leave the library again and go to the door on the right. Use the key to unlock the door and then use the door to go outside.

There’s Simon. Look at Simon to get more questions than answers.

Chapter 2: A deadly secret:

Look at Simon again to take the KEY out of his pocket. Walk back to the door on the left and enter. Go to the door on the right on the upper floor. Use the grey key to unlock the door and enter the room. Pick up the PANTS from the piano stool. Look at the sign on the wall on the right. There’s a DIARY below. Pick it up and read it. So that’s why Simon went to the people below.

Look at the sign again. A strange message is there. Look at the red letters. This is what you have to play.  Then look at the text at the bottom. This is how you have to play it. Go over to the piano and look for the yellow dot on the keys. That’s the middle ‘C’. Start from here.

The bottom line of the sign says: play 3 notes, go two octaves up, play three notes, go one octave down play three notes etc. For the music illiterates: there are 52 keys. Number them from 1 to 52 from left to right. Then play: 26, 26, 28 / 40, 40, 40 / 33, 36, 33 / 22, 18, 19, 22 / 3, 3, 8 / 12, 10, 12. Now press the blue cup.

The door on the left will unlock. Try to open it. It won’t. Use the stick on the door. The stick will break but the door is open. Go through to see what lies behind.

Chapter 3: What a heavenly earth:

Use the steps to go to earth. Pick up the SHIRT lying on the stump. Walk to the left and take the SHOES from the stream. Talk to the man. He doesn’t believe you. You have to convince him that you’re human. In your inventory use the shoes with the pants. Use the shirt with the pants and use the rope with the combination to tie your wings. You now have a costume.

Use the costume on yourself and talk to the man again. Ask him a few questions. Ask him if there was a man yesterday. There was. He was playing a harp and told the humans they should stop poluting. They didn’t like that. Now you know what happened to Simon. Better tell Michael about this. Walk to the right and use the stairs to go to heaven.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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