Turn off the alarm clock. Open the closet on the left to take your clothes out.  When you try to leave the house you hear gunshots and a grenade comes flying through the window. You are then taken to an unknown location.

Look at the red books, the blue books and the green book. Use the door to go outside. Be quiet not to wake the guard. Look at the van. The doors are to dark to see in but you can open them and climb in the back of the van. One of the kidnappers gets into the van and drives off.

Look at the sign next to the door. It’s the same as on the van. Look at the man your kidnapper is talking to. He seems very nervous. Behind him are some boxes. Look at the van. The keys are still inside. Use the van to drive away. Best start is to drive back to your house.

Drive to the left and then to the north. After the intersection on the right is your house (C2). There are some police cars parked there. Press F4 to leave the car. Look at the police woman standing in front of the door. There’s also a police officer. Walk to the left (use the cursor keys). At the side of the house is a rainpipe. Use it to climb to your own room.

Pick up the PHONE on the desk on the left. You just received a message. Open the drawer of the desk and take a WATCH out. Pick up the WALLET from your nightstand. Open the inventory and look at your phone. You can read the message from Jimmy. You should go there. Look at the wallet to take an ID CARD and a KEYCARD to the bankout. Look at the picture on the wall again and use the picture to get a number from the back. It’s the pin of your bank card.

Use the window on the south to climb back out again. Walk to the right and back to the car. Use the car to drive to Jimmy. Go south and follow the road to the right. At the end the road goes north. Take the first exit to the right and the first south. Park your car at the busstop in front of Jimmy’s house (E5) and leave the car.

Walk to Jimmy and talk to him. He’ll tell you what happened to your parents and your sister and suggests you should talk to the bum in the park. Also your car should get another colour. Look at the window on the right. There are boards on it and one of them is pretty loose. Take the BOARD with you.

Let’s go to the park. Use your car again and drive north. At the crossing go left and at the next go north. Go straight ahead at the next intersection and at the next junction go right. Stop across the parking lot. You’re in the park now (B5). Get out of the car and try to talk to the bum. He won’t listen because he’s asleep. Use the board with the bum. Talk to him again and he can help you if you can get him a bottle of Bim Beema.

Get in the car again and drive left. Go all the way to the south and follow the road to the left. At the next junction go north and  park on the carpark on the left.  You’re at the shopping mall (E3).  Get out of the car and look at the post. At the bottom of it is a piece of rubbish. Pick up the RUBBISH. On the left is a bin. Drop the rubbish in the bin.

On the left is the ATM. Use your keycard on the ATM to get money. You know the pin from the back of the picture. Walk to the right and enter the supermarket. The light grey bottles on the bottom of the front shelf are BIM BEEMA‘s so pick one up. Give the bottle to the shopkeeper and then give the money to her. Take the bottle from the counter and walk to the south to leave the shop. Walk further south to enter the car again.

Drive to the right and to the right. Follow the road to the north and enter the third street on the right. You’re at the park again. Give the bottle to the bum. Talk to the bum and he suggests that you should talk to Max the fisherman.

First let’s paint the car. Drive to the left to leave the park and then take the second street on the right. Take the first one south and park in the garage of the last house at the right. Your car will be painted in a nice new colour. It’ll cost you some money but you won’t be recognized by the police anymore.

Drive to the north and at the intersection go left. At the next go south and follow the way to the left all the way to the end and then go north. At the intersection next to your house turn left and at the end go south. At the end here you’ll find the docks (E1). Park next to the planks on the left and get out. Walk to the fisherman and talk to him.

He’s not happy to be seen with you but eventually give you the KEYS of the warehouse across the street. Walk to the south and drive your car to the top parking bay at the other side of the street (D1). Get out of the car and find the Fish & Chips shop again. Use the keys on the door but inside it’s very dark. Use the keys on the electrical box on the left of the building to find the light switch and turn on the lights. Use the keys on the front door again and enter the warehouse.

You’re at the warehouse you were before! But this time it’s empty. On the table is a COASTER. Take the coaster and look at it to learn about the pub. Walk to the right to leave the warehouse and outside use the van to drive to the pub.

Drive north and go to the right at the first junction. Take the first south and follow the road to the right and at the end on the corner is Paolo’s pub. Park your car and enter the pub. Show your ID to the bouncer and you can go in.

You need to get behind the bar to enter the door in the back but the barman won’t let you. Show the coaster you found to the man in red on the left. He knows more about the barman and the back door. Give the barman your money. He’ll gladly accept it but still won’t let you into the back room. Give the gold watch to the bartender and he’ll be distracted.

Use the backdoor to enter the room and you’ll hide behind the boxes. There’s your sister. And Jimmy. Best move next is to call the police. Use the phone on yourself to dial the number the bum gave you. You better hide. Walk to the north and hide behind the boxes there until the police arrives.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. At first this game confused me, I was driving around for a long time until I read in this walkthrough I had to press F4 to get out of the car, lol. Maybe I should have read the readme file. But usually the games are all configured the same and just point and clicks.

    Anyways, this game was fun, I liked the story.

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