You’ve committed suicide and you’re on your way to hell.

On the stone on the left select ‘Peragra’ (meaning to walk or travel). Introitvs will show the intro again.

On your left is a stone with a text on it:

ne de eis dicamus sed vidamus proficiscamus / do not start to talk about life

Walk to the left and find another stone with some text under the window :

melior non dolores est / better not have pain
tempus beatitatus in misera recognoscere / find happiness in sad times

Walk to the left twice and look at the stone. There’s a text on it:

illum quem vita eram morte est / of who’s life was taken

Walk to the right. Left of the door is a ROCK that you can pick up. Just below it another inscription:

ad dolorosum urbem viam sequimin / the pain that follows
ad aeternam perpessionem / lasts eternal
ut aviis conluuiones iungatis / when the life you ended
relinquete qui intratis omnes spes / leave all the hope behind

Walk to the south twice and use the rock on the window to smash it. This will let some air in and things will grow. Walk to the left and take the FRUIT from the branch next to the mirror. Go south twice and give the fruit to the hooded man. Walk to the left twice and to the right to reach the green gate again. But this time it’s ajar. Use the doors to see the burning hell. If you go forward once more there’s no way back.

Noster pax fato jovis est / we hope you find peace

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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