You’re standing in front of a house decorated for Christmas.

On the right side of the house, on the fence you can find a BATTERY. Walk to the right to enter the school hall. There’s a band rehearsing and a LAPTOP on the floor. Take the computer and in your inventory use the battery with the laptop. On the left you see the butt of doom. Use the laptop on it to win the game.

How you could have kown this? Before hitting the butt, walk to the right to meet another version of Roger. You can talk to him but he won’t be very helpful. Nor will the woman be. Walk to the south to enter a building. Under the window on the left is a note which tells you how to win the game. Now you must see to leave the room.

On the desk on the right is a COIN. Pick it up and use it on the door to leave. Walk to the left to enter the school again and use the laptop on the butt of doom.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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