Your car broke down and now you need to repair it.

Use the front door on the right to open it and get inside the car. Use the glove compartment on the right and take the LIGHTER out (2/2). Leave the car again. Walk to the left and take the piece of GLASS from the ground (2/4). Walk further to the left and talk to the man sitting on the rock.  Use your wallet with him and he’ll give you his EMPTY BOTTLE (3/7).

Walk back to the right and use the door of the shop to enter. Talk to the shopkeeper to learn what he wants and what you can do for him. Give him the bottle and he’ll give you a PHONEBOOK (3/10). Give him the lighter for his pipe and you’ll get a bottle of GLUE (3/13). In your inventory use the glue with the glass (2/15) and use the sticky glass on the mirror in the shop (3/18). Return to the shopkeeper and talk to him. Tell him you fixed his mirror and you’ll get the ELECTRICAL TAPE (3/21).

Leave the shop on the south and walk to the right twice. Use the payphone to see a close up and find the wire is broken. Use the tape on the wire to fix it (3/24). Use the wallet on the coin slot at the bottom of the phone to insert some money (1/25). Use the keys on the phone to start dialing the number (5/30).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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