Dark Sects are taking over the castle. You need to save the castle.

Talk to the wizard next to the gate. He tells you to go. Talk to him to learn what’s going on and what you need to get to the labyrinth. Tell him you don’t know any magic. He’ll tell you to win the shooting contest then. Use the bottom of the path to go to the map and select the Archery Field on it.

Talk to the man behind the stand and learn when the contest is and what can be won. Use the light green part of the screen to go to the spectators field. From there use a target to see what it’s made of: metal (1/1). Use the squares on the left to go back to the spectators seats. Select the dark green edge to go back to the stand and the dark green part again to go to the map.

Go to the scientist. It’s Rob the inventor. On the shelf is a MAGNET. Take it (1/2). Look at the drawing on the  blackboard (1/3). Use the floor to step outside the hut again and use the lower part of the path to return to the map. Try to go to the bank but find them closed (1/4).  Go to the inn. Try the front door, but it’s locked.  In front select the double yellow doors to the wine cellar (1/5). Inside you can view the wine and even take a BOTTLE (1/6). Use the floor to return outside and use the path to return to the map. Select your own house. Go inside. There’s not much there but when you use the mirror you can see you’re still looking good (1/7). Use the floor to return outside and then the grass in front to return to the map.


Go to the archery field, select the light green to go to the spectators seats and then select the target to view the back. Use the magnet on the target (1/8) and as soon as you do, the contest begins.

Looks like you’re not the only one cheating. Use your gun on the other contestant and you’ll be the winner by default (1/9). You’re automatically back at the castle wall and the lasers are down. Tell the wizard you want to enter and use the door to enter the castle (1/10).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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