You took the case to solve the murder in the hotel.

Talk to the receptionist. She’ll tell you what she saw and what room it was. Ask her the key. She’ll give you the KEY of the room. Walk to the right and in the hall use the key on the door on the right in the middle.

Use the key on the door to enter the room and examine the room. Look at the chalk outline and the bullet hole in the wall. You can seen something shiny inside the bullet hole. Use the hole to get the BULLET out. Go over to the window and look at the open window. Use the window to climb outside.

Read the sign on the ledge. So you can throw something down. Use the bullet on the long way down to loose the bullet but to get the MONEY. Climb back into the house again and leave the room on the right. Walk to the south and at the reception go south again, right of the receptionist. You’ll end up in the bar.


Talk to the bar man. He won’t talk to you unless you pay. Give him money for a BOTTLE OF BEER. Ask him to turn around but he won’t. To demonstrate what will happen, he’ll quickly turn around and right back again to get an axe into his back. Take the AXE from his back and leave the bar. Walk back to the right and use the key on the door in the middle on the right.

Once inside use the axe on the door of the closet. There’s the murderer! To get away he’ll jump out of the closet, climb through the window and falls down to the street. He’ll be next to the bullet.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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