The evil wizard has locked you in his tower without doors. You need to find a way to escape.

Walk to the balcony and watch as the prince comes to your rescue. He wants you to lower your long hair so he can climb up. Once inside the tower take the KNIFE from the table (1/1) and cut the coil of ROPE on the right that holds chandelier (1/2). Look at the middle of the curtain where the golden BRAIDS are. You’ll automatically take them off (1/3). Use the braids on the rope to make them prettier (1/4) and use your ‘hair’ on the balcony (1/5) so the prince can climb up…

Next is the woodcutter. He’s a bit too eager to climb the tower so there must be a way to stop him. Look at the suit of armor which would make a good repelant. Try to move it but it’s way too heavy. Take the BUTTER from the table (1/6) and use it on the armor to make it slide across the floor (1/7). Use the armor again to push it onto the balcony (1/8). So much for the woodcutter.

Then there’s the dragon. Walk to the balcony to have a chat with him. He wants you for dinner. When his claw reaches into the tower, use the knife on the rope on the right that holds the chandelier and it’ll come down on his claw (1/9). You’ll have a conversation with the dragon again and when you’re inside again, he’s watching through the window. Take the PEPPER from the table (1/10) and use the pepper on his eye (1/11). That’ll burn. Still not completely stopped, it tries to burn the tower. When he has his open mouth in front of the window, take your PILLOW from your bed (1/12). Use the pillow on his mouth and he’ll choke (1/13).

Finally freed from all danger, you can escape the tower.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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