Standing in the alley you can see a METAL BAR in front of you. Pick it up and walk around the corner. Ryan is waiting for you. Use Ryan to talk to him. He wants you to get an artifact but you don’t want to. Use the metal bar to hit Ryan. You lose the fight. You have no other choice than to get the artifact.

At the mansion use the arched door in front of you to enter the building. On the table is a piece of PAPER. Pick it up and read it. There’s something written about an order. Go upstairs by using the left door in front of you. In the hall use the door on the left.

You’re inside a room with in front of you a bookcase. Look close at the bookcase. You need to put the books in the right order… ah! The paper. So you must put the books in the shelf under the other books in the order: the small one with the eye, the one with an A, the one with two red dots, the one with the green dot, the brown one with the red face and the two black stripes, the red one with the 1, the one with the red devils face, the green one with the black line and the purple one with the red dots on the back.

Once they are in the shelf and in the right order leave the bookcase and you’ll hear shattering of glass. In the middle of the bookcases you can see the broken mirror and you can step through. In the room behind it take the BUCKET and the KNIFE. Return to the bedroom and use the door on the left to get back into the hall. Use the stairs to go down and use the carpet below to go outside again.

Use the door on the right to enter a toolshed. On the table you find a KEY. Take it. Use the knife to cut the ROPE. Leave the shed again and enter the mansion. In the hall, use the key on the door on the right in front of you. Then open the door and find a well behind it. In your inventory use the rope on the bucket and use the both on the ring on top of the well to get a bucket of WATER. Leave the room and in the hall again enter the kitchen on the left.

There’s a lot of blood and what seems to be a chunk of meat. Use the bucket of water on the chunk and find it’s not meat but a big rock. Pick up the ROCK and use it on the window on the right. Use the window to step through and you’ll use the flashlight to look around. You’ll find… one ugly monster. Automatically you’ll be in the kitchen again.

Quickly leave the kitchen and in the hall go up the stairs. Use the door on the right. You hear the monster getting away. In the room with you is a ghost. It’s Rosanna. Talk to her and ask her about the mansion and about the artifact. Then ask how you can help. You must get a potion from the kitchen and use it on the monster. Refuse to help. Then you can’t go. So you have no choice. Mention Ryan. Rosanna can’t help you with that. It’s a choice you have to make. End the conversation.

Use the door on the right to go upstairs. With your light you can find a door straight ahead of you. Use the door. You’re now in a room where you can see the goblet behind a gate, a red and blue button and a box. Looking at the blue button is tells you it’s to safety. Looking at the red it says it leads to death. So let’s push the blue one. But you can’t reach it. Use the box on the left to move it under the button and now you can push it. After that, it’s safe to push the red button and the gate will open. To get the goblet, you need to remove the box first and then you can pick up the GOBLET.

Use the door on the left to leave the roomagain and then go back by clicking at the bottom of the screen. You’re in the room with Rosanna again. Give her the goblet and she’ll let you out but all other doors remain locked.

You now must make a choice: bring the goblet to Ryan or free the spirit of the monster.

Bring the goblet to Ryan:

When you’re in the hall upstairs, use the door on the left to go into the bedroom. Use the stone on the window to smash it. Use the window to escape.

Free the spirit of the monster:

When you’re in the hall upstairs, use the stairs to go down to the hall and from there use the door on the left to enter the kitchen. The monster is here! Use your knife to kill it. Use the goblet on the cauldron to take the potion out and use it on the monster. You can now leave the mansion.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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