You’re inside just in time before you’re fried by the rising sun. You’re welcomed by Bob. Talk to Bob and ask if there’s something new. Ask if there’s new mail and surprisingly there is. Walk to the right and enter the bedroom.

The letter is on the desk. Take the letter and read it. So Death is after you. You need to get an umbrella and leave the place soon! Talk to Moby and ask if your heart is still in the safe. Of course it is. Use the desk drawers to find a HOOK. Leave the room and go back to the living room. Under the self portrait is a little table. Looking at it you find a secret panel. Use the table to open the drawer and get a NEEDLE AND THREAD out of it. Go to the north to enter the kitchen.

Look at the sink and by using the tap you’re able to take a drop of WATER. Checking the cupboard on the right gives you some CHOPSTICKS. Leave the kitchen again and in the living room open the closet on the left.

Inside you find a medium sized POLE and a safe. You quickly open the safe to get your HEART before you’re getting killed again. Now we must leave the house. But we need an umbrella first.

In your inventory use the water with the pocket of lint. You get some stickey substance. Use the hook on the pole. Since you have the sticky stuff it will hold nicely. Use the chopsticks on the chopsticks to make a shield and use the shield with the stick. There’s your umbrella.

Walk to the south to leave your house. Just in time….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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