You’re locked in a large fridge of an abandoned factory.

Use the rope on the chair twice to free yourself. Now your cellphone is on the ground. Pick up the PHONE and use the phone on yourself to make a call to Mika. Now you need to get out. The large cargo door has rusted runners on the left. Maybe you can break them and open the door.

Take the PIPE standing against the wall on the left. Use the pipe on the rusty runner, but you can’t reach. Take the yellow crate and it will be put at the right position. Use the pipe on the runner again to try once more. It doesn’t open the door.

On the right side are cracks on the wall. Use the pipe on the crack to make an opening and find wires behind it. Now if you can use those to let the forklift run through the door? Use the open panel on the back of the forklift to take the WIRE from it. Use the wire on the pipe in your inventory and use them on the wires in the wall. This will set the forklift in motion and crash the door. You’re free now.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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