You must find out what Die Vie Ess is up to and stop him.

Walk to the right and talk to Davy Jones. Learn what he’sn up to, the size of the box and that he’s very hot. Use the door of the Yahtzee Brand General store to find no one inside. Pick up the POPSICLE MOULDS and the LAXATIVE. In your inventory use the laxative with the mould. Use the mould on the freezer in the back and now you have laxative popsicles.

Take the CLIPBOARD from the counter and see that there are general order forms on them. Walk to the south to leave the store. Outside give the popsicle to Davy and he’ll take a run for it, leaving the box behind. Walk all the way to the left into the alley.

Use the door of the deliveries and a man will answer. Talk to the man to see if they got alcohol. They do but you need an order form for that. Tell the man you have one and you’ll get a BOX OF WHISKEY, the same size as the box Davy was watching.

Walk back to the right and use the box of whiskey on the nuclear box in the street to swap them. It will be picked up and delivered to Die Vie Ess. Another crime prevented and everyone learned something today.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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