Let’s wash father’s car.

Use the fridge to open it and look in the fridge to find the empty BOTTLE. Use the door to leave the room. Your friend Ergo is outside. Talk to him. Use your father’s car to realise you need shampoo. So let’s buy some. Walk to the right into town. Some nasty boys won’t let you pass on your way to town.

Walk to the right, back to your house. Talk to Ergo again about the boys. He’ll help if you get him some bootleg. Walk to the right and look into the bin in the alley. You’ll find an ID CARD of a doctor there. Enter the hospital on the right and show the id card to the man in front of the door. You can now enter the room.

Next to the bed, take the HOSE from the IV drip. Walk to the left to leave the hospital. Use the green door to enter the storage room. Use the drawer in the desk to find the AWL. Use the awl on the big tank on the left to make a hole. In your inventory use the hose with the bottle and use the combination on the tabk to fill it up with BOOTLEG. Use the door to leave the basement and walk to the right to return home.

Give the bootleg to Ergo and he’ll help you to clear the street. Walk to the left and use the door of the car shop to get some SHAMPOO. Walk to the right to return home and use the shampoo on the car. Let’s wash father’s car.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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