You have an exam tomorrow and need the class notes!

In the campus look at the poster above the trash can. Take the POSTER with you and walk north through the door. In the corridor walk to the left to enter the cafeteria. On the wall is a poster. Use your party poster with the one on the wall to cover it. On the floor is a PAPER NAPKIN. Pick it up and look at it. It’s oily. A bit further to the right is a slice of LEMON. Pick it up as well. At the table in front of it is Jose relaxing.

Talk to Jose and ask about the notes. He doesn’t have them and if you ask them who might have them, he’ll refer you to Susana on the bench next to the cabinets. Talk about the poster on the wall and the free party. Jose is gone. Take the KEY from his desk. Talk to Miguel eating his soup. He hasn’t got the notes. Take the CUP from the desk next to him. There’s a SPOON in it. Talk to Javi reading the paper. Ask for the paper when he’s finished.Talk to Patricio behind the bar and ask to get anything for free. You won’t get it.

Leave the cafeteria on the left. Look at the sculpture. There’s a t0oth on it, but you can’t take it out. Use the napkin on the encrusted tooth to oil it a bit and use the spoon as lever on the tooth to take it out. Pick up Manolo’s TOOTH.The sculpture will break so pick up a PIECE OF SCULPTURE.


Walk to the right, back to the campus. Walk to the corridor on the right to see the lockers and Susana on the bench. Talk to Susana. She has the notes but won’t give them to you. Use the key you got from Jose on locker #3: it’s the third one from the left in the top row. Inside is a backpack.Take the KNAPSACK out and look at it in your inventory. Inside is a pair of SCISSORS. Use the cup with the fountain to fill it with WATER.

Walk to the left back to campus and north through the door to the corridor. The coffee machine is out of order. Use the cable to put it back in the socket. Look at the machine to realize it never worked since the installation of the security panel. Look at the panel to see you need to enter a code. Use the coffee machine and you will be asked to make a choice. Now this is how the machine works:

You order a coffee (1). You’ll get a decafinated cut coffee (5) and when you order a decafinated cut coffee, you’ll get a chocolate (9). The numbers add up to 15. Repeat this for all other 8 options. The result will be:

1: coffee, 5: decafeine cut coffee, 9: chocolate (1+5+9=15)
2: cut coffee, 6: decafeine coffee with milk, 7: tea (2+6+7=15)
3: coffee with milk, 4: decafeine coffee, 8: capucino (3+4+8=15)
4: decafeine coffee, 6: decafeine coffee with milk, 5: decafeine cut coffee (4+6+5=15)
5: decafeine cut coffee, 2: cut coffee, 8: capucino (5+2+8=15)
6: decafeine coffee with milk, 7: tea, 1: coffee (6+7+1=14)
7: tea, 5: decafeine cut coffee, 3: coffee with milk (7+5+3=15)
8: capucino, 1: coffee, 6: decafeine coffee with milk (8+1+6=15)
9: chocolate, 4: decafeine coffee, 2: cut coffee (9+4+2=15)

All add up to 15 except number 6. So that’s the code we must work with. But first we need to add 14 to it. 671+14 = 685 So that’s the code to use on the control panel on the door. The doors will unlock. Use the doors to open them and walk into the garden.

Look at the sign next to the flowers. So you’ll be sleeping when using the sap.. Use the scissors on the flowers to take a piece of SPROUT. In the tree is a wallet. Use the piece from the sculpture from your inventory on the wallet to pry it out of the tree and then pick up the WALLET. Look at the wallet to find only one COIN inside. Use the doors again to go inside and walk to the left to the cafeteria.

Talk to Patricio behind the bar and greet him. Then ask for a glass of COLA. Use the sprout with the cup of water and use the mixture in the glass of cola. Use the lemon with the glass of cola to disguise the tase. Give the drink to Javi. He was thirsty. Walk to the left to leave the cafeteria and enter again. Javi will be asleep so use the scissors on him to cut some of his hair.

Use the tooth from the artwork in  Miguel’s soup and it will distract Patricio. While he’s inspecting the soup, take a BAG OF POTATOES from the snack stand. Look at the bag in your inventory to see there’s a PLASTIC SPIDER in it. Walk to the left to leave the cafeteria and walk top the right, back to the campus. Use the trashcan to find a tube of GLUE. Walk to the right again to go to the lockers and use the glue with the spider. Then use the hair with the spider and use the spider with Susana. She’ll run off.

Pick up the CLASS NOTES from the bench and hit the books. There’s an exam tomorrow….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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