On the beach you find a hat. Look at the hat and find there’s sweat on the inside. Look at the body (5/5). Look at the bullet wound to find the BULLET (10/15). Look through the pockets of the victim to find a TAROT CARD (10/25). Interact with the victims head to see if there’s something in his mouth. There isn’t (5/30). Talk to your colleague officer Storm. You decide to go back to the office.

Inside you decide to wait for Matt so he can examine the evidence. As soon as you see him you handover everything (15/45). After a few minutes you get the results: sweat in the hat is of Marwin Jones. The blood on the bullet and the fingerprints were unusable. You ask for two SWABS so you can return to the crime scene and take some samples (10/55). Use one swab on the pool of blood next to the body (5/60). Use the other swab on the head of the deceased (5/65).

Use the car to drive back to the station (10/75). More evidence is found and the man of the hat is in the interrogation room. You ask him about hos whereabouts and ask for his fingerprints. Then it’s back to the crime scene to see if anything was found in the water. They found the GUN (20/95). You take it back to the office.

The gun will be searched for prints. Blood of the victim was found on it, prints of Marwin. Then the story at the crime scene evolves as Sgt Laffer reports and everyone heads over to the scene to help. Agent Storm dies at the scene. Zak shoots Marwin and Carlson will be allright (25/120).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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