Your helmet just got stolen and your friend is after the thief. Walk to the right and find Shiryu on the ground. Walk a bit back to the left where you can find a group of small rocks. Use the rocks to find a small one that’s really sharp. Pick up the sharp ROCK and walk to the bigger one on the right. Use your 7th sense on this rock until you have a strange feeling about it and then your hands to move the rock.

Use the sharp rock from your inventory on the soft sand where the rock was. You’ll find an ANTIQUE VASE. Walk further to the right until you reach the waterfall. Use the vase on the river to take the water and you’ll get the WATER. Look at the waterfall and use you r seventh sense on it. You can feel Jabu behind it.

Walk back to the left and use the water on Shiryu. He’ll wake up and you can talk to him. Tell him you think you know where Jabu is hiding. Shiryu is very eager to punish him so he wants to rush to the waterfall. You have to hurry to catch up with him again.

Walk to the right and see how Shiryu shows the hideout of Jabu. It turn’s into a fight between you and Jabu. You can go first. Use your 7th sense to find his weak spot and then use the pegasus to defeat him. Search Jabu to find your helmet again. Take your HELMET. Search Jabu again to find a horn of a unicorn. But it’s firmly attached to Jabu. Use the sharp stone to cut the HORN off.

Take a good look at the horn and notice the inside. It’s some kind of POWDER. Walk all the way to the left to the edge of the rocks where you can see the valey. Use the pegasus to go to the temple at the lower left part of the edge. Use the stairs to climb them, then walk towards the door. Use your 7th sense on the door but your power isn’t strong enough. Use the powder on yourself to gain strength and then use the 7th sense again. Use the sense again and now you can see the breakpoint of the door.

Use the pegasus on the door to try several times to break the door. Eventually you succeed and you can enter. Use the door and you can face Saga.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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