You have to finish you essay.

Talk to Ashley in the front and ask him to do it for you. No chance. Ask him some money and at first he refuses. Keep asking until he finally gives you his last bit of MONEY. Use the map and goto the classroom (11).

Talk to Nicole and ask her if she wants to do your essay. She’s willing to but you must get her an ice cream in return. Use the map and go to the canteen.

Walk to the windows on the left and look at the menu. Then use your money on the grated window to order a YOUR SOUL. Select the map again and return to the classroom (11). Give the icecream to Nicole. Talk to her again and ask if she can do your essay now. There’s another thing you need to do. You need to find her car keys. She’ll direct you to room 17.

Select the map again and go to the path on the map. Behind you are some bushes and when you look at them, you’ll find the CAR KEYS. Use the map again and return to the path. Behind Ashley is a pole and when you use it, you find a KETTLE. Use the map, goto the canteen and use the middle window ro find a PEPPER GRINDER. Use the map again and return to the class (11). Below the blackboard in the cupboards you can find a DUSTER. Give the car keys to Nicole and she’ll start writing. Use the chair next to her to sit down and when you do, Ms Summers gives you five seconds to hand in the essays. Stall her by giving the kettle.

When Nicole is giving you the ESSAY, put it with the other essays on the left next to Ms. Summers.  You’ll see your score after the credits.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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