You must visit Opa Schmidt because he asked for you.

Use the door on your left and find it closed. Look on the left of the door and see the umbrella stand. Look inside and find a KEY. Take the key. Use the key on the door to unlock it. Use the door again to enter the house.

Talk to Opa and when he asks how you got in, tell him anything. Ask him why he wanted you here and he’ll tell you he’s hungry. He can’t buy food because he has to save money. The interest from his bank account was cut by 50%. Try to tell him it’s because of the Euro.. he won’t listen.

Walk to the lower right to leave the house. Walk to the left and use the door of the supermarket to go in. Look at the two having an argument. As soon as you can speak, talk to Kerl. He wants to buy fruit. Talk to Omi. Ask her what the fight is about. It’s also about the Euro.

Tell her you’d like to change it for her but it’s not possible. When she asks why, tell her it’s because the Euro will be introduced on 1/1/2002. But you have an idea. Ask her to write a check in Euro’s and you’ll give her the DM back. When she asks the rate, tell her it’s 1,95583 DM for 1,00 EUR. You will get the cheque when you have the money.

Leave the shop on the left and walk to the left. Use the door of the bank to enter and talk to the lady behind the desk. Aks her for the ATM. It’s in the back of the bank. Ask her for a brochure about the Euro. She only has the sample and she needs that one to order new ones. But since the coffee machine broke down, you might get the sample if you can arrange some coffee.

Walk around the white column on the right and behind it is the ATM. Use you bank card on the machine and take 100 DM. Since Omi wanted 50 EUR you need 100DM when you use the exchange rate of 1,96. ATM’s don’t give coins so 100 DM is ok. Leave the bank on the south.

Left of the bank is the fruit- and vegetable shop. Take some FRUIT from the stand and walk to the right. Enter the supermarket again. Talk to Omi and she’s happy now. You’ll give her the money and you’ll get your CHEQUE. Now it’s Kerl’s turn to buy fruit for his punch. But there isn’t any fruit left in the shop. Give your fruit to Kerl and he’ll leave too.

Aks the shopkeeper for coffee and all she has is instant coffee. That’s ok. It’s on the house for all your trouble. Leave the shop and walk to the left again. Enter the bank and give the coffee to the lady behind the desk. You now get your LEAFLET. Leave the bank and walk to the left. Enter Opa’s house.

Give the leaflet to Opa. He want’s you to read it to him because he has lost his glasses. Leave the room on the lower right and outside Omi is looking out of the windows. Talk to her and she will tell you she found the glasses. You can have them if you answer a few questions about the Euro:

– The Maastricht convergence sets the criteria countries have to comply with (2).
– The Euro is abreviated with EUR (2).
– When the Euro is introduced the denomination will change, the value will stay the same (1).
– What can you do with the Euro as of 1-1-1999? You can use it to pay in countries that are member (2).
– What picture can be seen on the 1 Euro coin? The eagle (3).
– What will be drawn on the paper bills? Several ages and styles of art (2).
– Waht does EWS stand for? European Waerungs (currency) system (3).
– What does the General Bank of Europe do? Make sure prices are stable (1).
– Where does the General Bank of Europe has it’s office? Frankfurt am Main (3).

Grandma has lost and throws the glasses out of the window. Pick up the GLASSES and enter Opa’s house again. Give him his glasses back. You can go now.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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