You’re waiting for Chris.

Look at the front door to find his BRACELET and realize you have to get inside. Pick up the ROCK on the right next to the lamp post and walk further to the right to see the side of the  cinema. Throw the rock at the window and use the broken window to go inside.

Talk to the guard and see if you can enter the cinema. You can’t so you need to find another way in. Use the trashcan next to the guard to find some PAPER. Open the door on the right to enter the toilets and in your inventory use the lighter with the paper and put the burning paper in the trashcan. Leave the toilets and tell the guard there’s a fire in the toilets. He’ll give you the KEY.

Unlock the double doors with the key and inside the cinema use the screen to get closer. Look at the screen to see there’s something behind in but you need more light. On the podium in front of the screen is a HANDLE. Pick it up and use the steps on the left to walk down again. Use the door on the right to enter the projector room and use the handle on the projector to turn it on.


Leave the projector room and use the screen again. Look at the strange shade behind the screen and then try to grab it. It will take you to another place. Talk to Santa and his assistant to learn more about Chris and the land you’re in. Learn about the situation Santa is in and Stiltskin and the goblins.

Walk south and see the map. Visit the toy factory. Talk to the guard but he won’t let you enter. Use the back door and talk to the caged creature. You need to shoot the goblins with the toy gun. Use the gun to shoot 10 goblins in an arcade shootout. No help here. After you’ve killed 10, talk to the caged creature again and then leave the factory. Walk to the right to return to the map.

Visit the cemetery and talk to the zombie. Ask for a way into the cemetery and he’ll give you the KEY. Use the key to unlock the gate and walk north onto the cemetery. Talk to the green zombie and learn why they are not dead. Offer them to make the sleep again if they help you get Santa back in power. He’ll tell you about the force field you need to shut down. Use the door of the shack on the right and take the JOURNAL from the table.

In the journal you’ll find information on the lightning tower and the magic wand. Also about the vial of Myrklend and the papers on how to use it. Take the WAND from the wall and take the MYRKLEND from the floor. Pick up the MUG from the top shelf and use the papers on the table to learn about the underpotion and the Wolverboggs.

Leave the shack and walk south. Outside the gate walk south again and go to the stables. Sticky Tom is outside and talk to him. He’ll ask you about gambling but you’re not interested. Use the door to enter the stables and talk to the goblin guard. Ask him to see one of the reindeer and you can’t because he doesn’t trust you.

Talk to Olympos on the right. Talk about your boyfriend and ask why they are guarded. Offer him help and he’ll tell you about the races and the bets. You need to work for Tom and gain his trust. Leave the stables and talk to Tom outside. Tell him you’re looking for work. You need to do him some favors, starting by persuading Valkyria. Use the door to enter the stables again and talk to Valkyria in the back on the right.

Talk about the race, ask about the odds and if he’ll expect to win the race. Tell him you thing it will be a hard race and you’ll mention the weight. Then tell him he’s not fit to race. Give the advice to take it easy and the job is done. Take the POLE standing against the fence and walk south to leave the stables.  Talk to Tom and the first race begins.  Talk to Tom again and ask for another job.

You’ll get some OINTMENT and need to lure the guard outside. In the center of the path is a crack. Use the crack to create an icy patch. Open the door to the stables and talk to the guard. Tell him you saw vegetables outside. Give the ointment to Troja on the left in the back and walk south to leave the stables. Talk to Tom and the second race begins.

Talk to Tom again and he’ll tell you about the wolverboggs. Open the door to the stables and talk to Valkyria in the back on the right. Tell him you’re here to protect and you have to whack 10 wolverboggs in order to help. After hitting 10, you’ll save Valkyria. [NOTE: To ‘cheat’ the game, hold your club on one location and only hit when you’re sure. The game only triggers the misses so if you only hit..]

Waklk south to leave the stables and talk to Tom. The third race is also a winner. Talk to Tom again and ask for a new job. Now you get the KEY to the tracks and need to sabotage track 3. Walk to the left and use the key on the gate to the tracks to unlock it. On the fence is some AMADOU.  Pick it up and walk back to the right and enter the stables. Talk to Olympos and tell him about the unlocked gate.  In the back of the stables is some dead carrot root in the trash bin. Use the magic wand on the carrot to bring it back to life and you’ll pick up the CARROT.

Leave the stables on the south and talk to Tom to let him start the race. The reindeer will escape and start working for Santa again. Walk to the right to go to the map and go to the lightning tower. Outside is Hrothgar who will tell you about his warlocks. You can make a deal with him. Walk north towards the tower.

Outside there are light that need to be all lit. Number the six squares from 1 to 6 from left to right and from the default press 5, 3 and 1. The door will open and you can use the opening to enter. Inside you’ll meet a wolverbogg. Quickly use the amadou with the stick and light the stick with the lighter. Then burn the wolverbogg.

Use the opening north to enter the prison. Talk to the smog inside and he’ll tell you about the large door you need to open with two people and the three locks you need to switch to get him out. Leave the prison again and use the opening on the right to enter the stairwell. Climb the stairs on the right and enter the door on the right.

There’s a wolverbogg sleeping but when you keep close to the back wall, you can walk to the right and operate the machine to unlock the first lock. Quickly walk back to the wall and leave on the left. If you’re quick enough you should be able to make it. Walk to the left and climb the stairs. Use the door on the left to enter the lab.

Take the POISON and the UNDERPOTION from the shelf. Stay on the left side of the screen and when Warlock turns around to walk back to the desk, quickly walk to the mortar, put the poison in and walk back behind the screen. If you’re not quick enough you have to try again. Once Warlock is dead, take the OIL from behind him and use the machine on the right to unlock the second lock. Leave the room on the left.

Walk up the stairs on the right and open the door on the right. Two warlocks are asleep so use the oil on the machine on the right and use the machine to unlock the third lock. Use the door to leave again and walk all the way down the stairs and north to the prison.

Use the prison door to open it and the Smog will follow you. leave the prison and walk up all the stairs until you reach the door at the top with two chains next to it. Pull one of them and the Smog will pull the other. Use the door to go inside and see Grendel. When the master is gone, push the fire pit so Grendel burns. Use the exit on the upper left to return to the stairwell and walk down all the stairs.

Walk to the left to the hall and left again to leave the lightning tower. Walk south to speak to Hrothgar again and tell him Grendel is dead. He’ll have the warlocks help Santa. Walk to the right to see the map again and walk to the Goblin base. You’ll fall into a hole. Take the PLANTS from the ceiling and walk to the right. Push the pile of snow to reveal a sharp rock and use the plant on one of the stones on the right right.

Walk back to the left and use your lighter on the dark spot on the upper right to reveal a hole. Use the hole top climb through and see the master having a conversation with Huldra. The master will leave and Huldra will check ‘dinner’ but trip over the plant you put there. Walk to the right twice and on the map go to the Goblin base again.

Talk to the Goblin leader and he’ll tell you about the rabbit. You need to catch it and kill it. Walk north and see the rabbit just leaving. Also notice the  tree stump and the old tree. Use the wand on the old tree and a flower will grow. Take the FLOWER,  put the carrot on the tree stump, walk south to leave the spot and return north immediately to see the rabbit, this time not running away. Take the RABBIT and walk south. Put the rabbit on the butcher bench on the right.

If you’ve read the journal you know a nice way to kill the rabbit. In your inventory add the underpotion to the myrklend and give the nasty slime to the rabbit. The goblins are on your side now as well. Walk to the left to see the map and visit the cemetery again. Walk north onto the graveyard and use the mug from your inventory on the SNOW drift on the left. Then enter the shack on the right and hold the mug in the fireplace to melt the snow. Leave the shack and walk north to find the warlock in a force field.

In your inventory add the flower to the mug with water and throw the mixture at the force field to break it down. The zombies will join Santa now as well. Walk south twice to the map and go to Santa’s hut in the center. Talk to him and tell him you’ve gathered enough soldiers now so together you’ll visit the castle.

While Santa holds the Smog back, take the unlit CANDLE from the desk and enter the cell north. There’s Chris. In your inventory use the lighter with the candle to burn it and use the lit candle on the rope holding the chandelier. Then walk towards the sleeping warlock to wake him up and let him stand under the candelabra as the rope snaps.

Walk back to the room on the left and enter the dark path on the right. Walk across the bridge to the right and enter the portal on the right. Santa will fight Stiltskin but need some help. Take the MIRROR and use the mirror on  Stiltskin to send him back to his own land. All is safe now.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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