You need to get rid of the puke before it dissolves the floor.

Walk north through the sliding doors and use the toolbox on the floor to take the TOOL out. Walk to the left and through the sliding doors north into the closet. Use the box on the shelf to get a SPACE KNIFE 3K2 out.  Take some CLOTHES from the shelf above it. Also take the BROP standing against the wall on the left.

Walk north to leave the closet and outside use the knife on the robot. You need to enter a code that you calculate using a formula in the robot’s manual: (ID + 63862) * factory.  Since the ID and factory values are random you need to calculate yourself. At least you have the formula.

After the robot has been taken away, you still have the ARM and the CHARGER DEVICE. Walk to the right and north through the doors. Back at the control room, use the knife on the little cross, left of the center monitor.Walk north again and to the right. In the room are two people talking. Security officer Martaine has a loose thread on his uniform. Take the THREAD from him.

Walk to the left twice. Use the knife on each of the four screws in the panel next to the closet door to open the panel. Put the device in the power socket next to the panel to give it a boost.

Use the charger from your inventory and use it with the gun like circuit tester to charge it. Use the powered thinga on the open panel and in the other room Ralph will get a shock. Walk to the right and look at Ralph’s foot to take some of the FIRE with you. Walk north through the door and use the fire on the paper chute on the right. The sprinklers will stop the floor from dissolving.

Walk north and to the left. Put the arm in the socket to power it up.  Walk north into the closet and use the panel on the ceiling above the box to climb through. Walk to the right and use the knife on the cover on the right to open it. Look through the hole to find the emergency muzzle right below.  In your inventory use the thread on the brop. Then attach the arm  to the threaded brop. Use the BropArmHybrid on the hole to get the MUZZLE.

Walk to the left and use the hole in the floor to return to the closet. Walk north and to the right and north again to reach the control room again. Put the muzzle on Stenchie.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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