You’re on a beach somewhere in Madagascar.

Turn around so you’re facing the beach and turn right. Walk forward towards the canoe, then into the woods left of the canoe. Turn slightly left and follow the sand path until you reach an enclosed village.  Talk to the man at the entrance and learn about the pirates. Also find out about the old man, the forest and how to find the old man. Left of the entrance are some BERRIES on the tree stem. Take them, turn left and use the path into the forest (not back to where you came from).

[Note: this part is audio-based so difficult for people with hearing disabilities. It’s at times difficult to hear any distinct differences and can’t be adjusted. I suggest you set the voice and music levels to zero and only use the sound effects. The route is random so no fixed solution and no visual aids. ]

Follow this path and you’ll find a lemur. Use some berries on the tree in front of it and it’ll disappear. Here you can only follow the path deeper into the woods so walk along. You don’t hear anything at first so keep walking straight ahead. Then you’ll need to turn towards the exits and listen to which exit has the loudest stereo sound (1 exit has stereo faint sound, 1 exit has left sound, 1 exit has right sound, 1 exit has stereo loud sound). Once you’ve followed the noise, you should end up at a clearing. Follow the path to the barrel, then to the fire pit.


To the right of the fire pit there’s an old RAG on a tree. Pick it up and turn around. Walk forwards behind the barrel with the ladle on it and look up. There are some steps missing so you can’t get into the tree this way. Walk forwards, turn right and forwards again. You should see some building material here and a crate with a statue on it. Take some of the SLATS and look at the statue. It’s an original nutcracker.

Go back to where you came from (forwards, turn left, forwards). Turn around and look at the missing steps. In your inventory use the rag with the slats and insert the combination into the tree twice. You can now climb up. Turn around, pick up the step underneath you and insert it into the tree just above the step you’re standing on. You’re now able to climb all the way to the top.

Use the red curtain to enter the tree. Walk forward to the table in front of you. Someone is making an oar. Look closer at the tools and you can find a MATCHBOX behind the plane. Left of it is a piece of paper. Pick it up to see what’s on it (Enina).  Leave the table, turn right and walk forward, then look on your right. There’s a picture of a ship here. Note the name of the ship. Leave the painting and turn around. There is one of the STEPs. Pick it up. In the bin next to it, another piece of paper (Efatra) and on the floor you can find another (Iray).

Turn to your right and climb the ladder to the next level. Use the curtains to enter and walk forwards towards the occupant. He’s not well. Give the bottle of wine to him. He’s hungry so you need to get some food. Left of the man, on the table under the bowl another piece of paper (Dimy). Turn around and look at the items on the shelf. There’s a LANTERN underneath the basket, a BOWL (pan?) to the right and BROWN BERRIES in the basket underneath it.

Leave the shelves, walk towards the curtain and just before it turn left to find another paper (Roa) behind the bag with fungi. Turn back to the curtain and use it and use the ladder to return to the level below. Walk forwards and turn left, then forwards again to the curtain of the entrance. Look to your right on the shelf to find a bowl of rice. Use your pan on the basket to take some of the RICE. Turn left and use the curtain to leave the house.

Walk down the steps until you can’t go further, then use the step you found inside below your feet to replace the last missing one. Walk straight ahead to the clearing with the fire pit. Use the pan with rice on the pot over the fire. Walk forwards twice between the barrel and the bucket and then turn right. There’s a barrel with WATER here which you can take with your bowl. Return to the rice and add the water. It’s not enough yet so get another bowl of WATER.

Walk forwards again between the barrel and the bucket and go forwards twice more towards the cacti. At the base of these plants you can find some FIREWOOD. Turn around and walk back to the fire pit. Put the firewood in there and use the matches to light the fire. Now you need to wait until it’s cooked. Make sure you leave the fire pit area (back to the cacti?) and when you return the rice is cooked. Use your pan on the fire pit to get the STEAMED RICE.

Turn left and walk north behind the barrel with the ladle and climb the steps back into the tree house. Once inside, walk forwards, turn right and walk towards the ladder, then climb the ladder and walk forwards towards the man. Give the rice to the man and he’ll feel better. Talk to him and learn about Captain Dodd, the treasure, the tribe and his grave. After the conversation, walk towards the painting and turn around to climb the ladder to Dodd’s room.

On the wall, left of the telescope you can find four more pieces of paper (Vat0, Folo, Fito and Sivy). On the floor, under the book is another piece of paper (Telo). Read all the books you can find, especially the one next to the paper you found earlier. It has some things written inside that might become important. Look closer at the telescope.

You can set three switches to different positions and each position results in another view. That’s too many for now so leave the telescope and go back towards the entrance. Two more books here. Have a good look at the one  under the hammock, it’s a dictionary which translates English into Malgasy. Now there are some familiar words! All the papers you’ve found are in there and can be translated to numbers. The other book on botanica also holds a clue: page 165 shows you the brown berries and they have red berries in them!

Leave the room and go all the way down back to terra firma. At the bottom turn right and walk forward (not up). Turn slightly right and forward again and you’re back at the box with the statue. Use the brown berries from your inventory on the statue and pull the lever to turn the brown berries into RED BERRIES. Leave the statue and walk around the tree back to the fire pit. With your back to the fire pit, walk forwards into the woods.

Keep following the path until you meet the lemur again. Put the berries on the trunk and the lemur will show you the way…. the opposite way that is. This time you should listen to the stereo faint sound instead of the stereo loud sound. The lemur will lead you to a burial site. Walk towards the posts and notice you can pick them up. Now you need to put them in order. First translate the names to numbers. In order from 1 to 10 they are: Iray, Roa, Telo, Efatra, Dimy, Enina, Fito, Yalo, Sivy (& Folo)

Look at the Iray poem in your files and look at the picture. Now find the pole with this picture and swap it with the first post. Look at the Roa poem in your files, find the matching post and swap it with the second one. Keep repeating for the other posts until all is sorted. The posts start in random order so no easy solution can be given here. Once the posts are in order, something else has changed.

Look at the tombstone to see the markings on there. And each pole had some markings too resembling these. On the poles from left to right you can read: UN DE RT HO SE DA TE S WK. Use the tombstone again and enter this text, without spaces, followed by enter.

Leave the tombstone, walk towards the posts then forward twice left of the first post. Turn around and walk forward to the right of the grave. Look at the headstone and use your knife on the date carving (under those dates..)  to open a secret compartment. Inside you’ll find the third page of the CODEX and the captains NOTEBOOK.

Read both. The last page of the notebook has a reference to the levers on the telescope. It shows the various settings and a table with letters and various degrees. Turn around and walk forwards into the jungle. Follow the cries of the lemurs. If you follow the loudest stereo ones, you should end up back at the fire pit. Walk forward behind the barrel with ladle and climb the tree to Jonathan. Talk to Jonathan and ask him about the ship. He has no clue what ABE might mean. Go up all the way to the top of the tree house. Go inside and look at the telescope.

In the notebook there’s a table with letters. Above it it says 1, 2 and 3. The letters underneath could spell ABE. So to get to the A under 1, put the lever to 1, the horizontal slider to 10 and the vertical slider to 10. Look through the telescope and you’ll see ‘On the beach’. Do the same for B under 2: lever to 2, horizontal to 20, vertical to 10. This gives you ‘The Skull Rock’. Finally, the E under 3: lever to 3, horizontal to 20, vertical to 2o. This time the telescope shows you ‘At Ebb Of Tide’.  Leave the telescope and look at the book in the middle of the floor. You now know where, what and when. So enter the three answers (next = space if you don’t use your keyboard, enter = next line).

Once complete you now need to find the skull rock at ebb of tide on the beach. Go back the ladders to Jonathan. Opposite him take some of the BROWN BERRIES again. Go further down the stairs all the way down and at the bottom turn right and walk forward (not up). Turn slightly right and forward again and you’re back at the box with the statue. Use the brown berries from your inventory on the statue and pull the lever to turn the brown berries into RED BERRIES. Leave the statue and walk around the tree back to the fire pit. With your back to the fire pit, walk forwards into the woods.

Turn around and you’ll meet the lemur again. Give him the berries and follow it into the woods. No more listening now, you’ll end up a the beach straight away. Walk left on the beach and you’ll turn to see Skull Rock. And it’s ebb tide and you’re on the beach. In the sand you can find some SEAWEED. Pick it up and then pick up another piece of SEAWEED.

Walk back along the beach and around Skull Rock (stay as close to the sea as possible) until you find a cave. Go inside and walk further into the cave. Pick up the BAMBOO that’s there and you’ll put them straight away on the sand to make a raft. You need more wood. Turn around and walk forward twice to leave the cave then turn left into a small alcove where there’s more BAMBOO under a palm tree. You should find 8.

Go back into the cave and put the bamboo on the sticks already in the sand. Then use the seaweed on the sticks to tie everything together. Use the raft to float further into the cave. Once the raft doesn’t go any further, continue on foot and keep going further into the tunnel until you find a chest. Take all the rocks out until you finally find a BOARD GAME.

Continue the journey into the cave until the path is blocked by rocks. Look closer at the rocks, there’s a pick axe head there, but you can’t remove it by hand. You’re not strong enough. Turn around and walk back to the chest. Now that the chest is empty it can easily be moved and reveal another tunnel. Enter it and keep walking until you reach a lake. Take the LADDER and turn around towards the rope. Look up and put the ladder against the wall. Climb the ladder until you find the markings on the brickwork. The brick on the lower right can be used for something.

Leave the markings and look down to find an AXE HANDLE on the ledge. Climb down again to the bottom of the well. Go back through the tunnel to the chest. Turn left and follow the tunnel to the dead end and have a closer look at the blocking rocks. Use the handle on the pick axe head to pry the AXE HEAD out and in your inventory combine the handle with the head to create a complete PICK AXE.

Leave the blockage and turn around. Go back to the chest, enter the opening behind it and walk back to the well. Climb the ladder until you can see the bricks again. Use the pick axe on the brick on the lower right. You can take this brick out now and you can now select other bricks. They all have markings on them.

Note these markings (lines on the right side of the brick). These markings indicate the depth of the brick and they are all flush with the wall. So to make them protrude, replace them with a brick that has 1 number higher than the original. The one you took out first was 1 so you need to replace it with a 2.

The solution here, giving the rows from bottom to top, bricks from left to right: first row: 2, second row: 2, third row: 3 & spare, fourth row: spare & 3, fifth row: 4, sixth row: spare & 3, seventh row: 4, eight row: 2, ninth row: 4. You can now climb out of the well. You’ll be take to the chief.

Talk to the chief and tell him all you know. Show him the game board and you’ll have to win a game once the rules are explained.

The chief always has the same strategy so if you play this sequence, you should win:

d3-e3 x c3

b4-c3 x e1, d2
c3-d3 x e3
d3-d2 x d1
d2-e3 x c1
e3-c3 x b3

c2 – c1 x c3, c4, c5
c1 – e3 x f4, g5
e3 – d3 x f3
d3 – d2 x d4, d5
d2 – b4 x a5
b4 – d4 x e4
d4 – c3 x e5
c3 – b3 x a3
b3 – b4 x b5
b4 – f4 x g4, h4, i4
f4 – f3 x f5

a4 – a3 x a1, a2
a3 – e3 x f3, g3
e3 – e5 x e2
e5 – g3 x h2, i1
g3 – h4 x f2
h4 – g5 x i3
g5 – g3 x g1, g2

h1 – h2 x h3
h2 – i1 x g3

i5 – i3 x i1, i2

b1 – c1

i3 – h4

b2 – c3

h4 – g4

f1 – f2

g4 – f4

c1 – e3 x f4

h5 – g5

e3 – f4 x g5

After you’ve won, the chief will give you his STONE and you can continue your journey.

Game source: A demo of the game was found here on the internet.

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