Exploring the whole area is 180 points. Recovering all treasures can be a maximum of 200 points (10 per treasure). Killing all monsters can be up to 120 points (10 per monster). Since the monsters appear random, I’m not including them in this walkthrough. You just type KILL [monster] WITH [weapon] where the weapon is either a knife or a sword. There’s also an axe but since you can get to the sword before the axe I won’t use it.  So aim here is at least 380 points (instead of the maximum 500).

I’ve made a map of the area since it’s quite complex. The number behind the directions refer to the location on the map.

You’re in the middle of a forest (1). Walk S (2), W (3) and D (4) to get to the beach.  This is where you need to collect your stuff. Pick up the key: GET KEY. Climb U (3) to the cliff and E (2) and N (1) to where you started.  Go N (5) and W (6) and GET LAMP. Walk E (5) and E (8) and GET KNIFE. Walk S (9) and OPEN GRATE to unlock it.

Climb D (15) and since it’s very dark underground LIGHT LAMP.  Walk  S (17) and W (18). GET SACK and now you can carry twice as much. Go E (17) and E (19)| and S (20) and S (21) to GET CROWBAR. Return N (20) and N (19), walk W (17) and N (15).


Walk W (25) and N (31)  and GET COINS. Go S (25) and S (24) and GET ROD that’s on the floor here. Go N (25) and E (15)  then E (16).  Since you don’t need the key further just yet, DROP KEY to be able to carry other things. The east wall is filled with bookcases but since you have a crowbar you can MOVE BOOKCASE. Then you can continue E (30). Climb D (32) down the ladder and N (33) to then next room. There’s a sword here but no matter what you do, you can’t take it yet.

Walk N (34), E (40) and when you want to go south, something won’t fit through the passage. Now DROP COINS and then DROP SACK (that’s what won’t fit). Walk  S (41) and GET GOLD from here. Return N (40) and DROP GOLD. Then GET SACK, followed by GET GOLD and GET COINS. Everything fits again!

Walk W (34) and here you’ll find a large concrete slab against the west wall. First walk N (38) and E (39) to GET ROPE. Return W (38) and S (34) to the concrete slab. You still have your crowbar so MOVE SLAB and continue W (35). Walk N (36) and E (37) where you’ll find a stairway going down. Climb D (61) then S (62). Walk E (63) and E (66) again. Now S (68) and W (67) to find a ring. GET RING.

Return E (68) and S (69). From here go W (70), N (71) and N (72) again. There’s a three foot hole in the floor. DROP ROPE and climb D (88).  On your left is a wide fissure. USE ROD to span it across and walk W (95). Walk W (96) again to find spices. GET SPICES. Return E (95) and E (88)  again. DROP ROD then S (89) and E (90). GET STAFF. Return W (89) and S (91), then E (92). There’s a bottle with a  golden potion so GET BOTTLE.

You can’t carry more than this so it’s time to bring this back to the beach first. Walk W (91), N (89) and N (88). Climb U (72) and walk S (71). Go E (62)  and N (61) and U (37) the stairs. Walk W (36) and S (35), then E (34) and S (33) again. Now W (32) and U (30) up the ladder. Walk W (16) into the room with the inscription in the wall. It appears to be a magic word because when you speak the word FARLEY you’ll be transported to the beach (4).

Now you need to drop your treasures: DROP BOTTLE, DROP COINS, DROP GOLD, DROP SPICES and DROP STAFF. Do not drop the lamp, the sack, the crowbar, the knife and the ring, you need them still. Speak the word FARLEY again and you’ll return to where you left off (16). Now’s a good time to take the key so GET KEY.

Walk W (15), N (26) and N (27) and you’ll be stopped by a locked door. Since you have a key you can OPEN DOOR and continue N (28). Walk E (29) and find a tiny scroll. GET SCROLL but no matter what, do not read the scroll!!! Return W (28) and S (27), S (26) and S (15) once more. Walk E (16) and E again (30) then D (32). When you walk N (33)  you’ll find the sword again. Now: READ SCROLL and since you’re carrying the ring, the sword will pop out of the wall and you can GET SWORD. You don’t need the scroll any more so DROP SCROLL and since you’ve got a sword now you can DROP KNIFE.

Walk N (34) and W (35), then N (36) again. Go E (37) and D (61) down the stairs. Walk S (62), W (71) and N (72) to climb D (88) down the rope. Go W (95) across the fissure and S (97) and S (98) again. Then W (99) where you’ll find a trapdoor. You’re still carrying your crowbar (right?) so OPEN DOOR and climb D (101). Walk E (102) and use the magic word FARLEY. You’ll be transported to another location (10).  GET STONE that’s on the floor and walk N (105).

On the floor is an ebony globe. GET GLOBE and walk S (10) again. Speak the words FARLEY to bypass the narrow passage. Walk W (101) back to the trapdoor and go U (99) the stairs. Walk E (98), N (97) and N (95) again. Then E (88) across the fissure. Climb U (72) up the rope. Walk S (71), E (62) and E (63) again, then go N (64). You’ll be in a room with a hole in the ceiling and a flask with dark liquid. Leave the flask for now, DROP SWORD, DROP RING, DROP STONE and DROP SACK. Now you can climb U (65).

You’ll find an amulet. GET AMULET. Climb D (64) again and DROP AMULET, GET SACK, GET AMULET, GET RING, GET SWORD.  Leave the stone and the flask with dark liquid for now.  Walk S (63) and go E (66). Then S (68) and S (69) again.  Further south is a buried castle which emits a blue glow. You have the amulet so you can continue S (73).

Walk S (74) and W (76) and S (77) to end up in a room with an axe. You’ve already got a sword so don’t bother. The door south is emitting a red glow. But since you’re carrying the globe, you can continue S (79). In the throne room GET CROWN.

Again your hands are full so return to the beach: go E (78) and N (75), then N (74), N (73) and N (69) once more. From here W (70), N (71) and E (62). Then N (61) to the stairway. Go U (37), W (36), S (35) and E (34) to the stone slabs. Now S (33) and W (32). Finally U (30) and W (16) to Farley’s room. Speak the word FARLEY to reach the beach (4).

DROP STONE, DROP RING, DROP AMULET, DROP GLOBE and DROP CROWN. Another five treasures are safe.  GET COINS. Mention FARLEY again and go E (30) and D (32).  Walk N (33) then S (44). Go E (45) and S (48). You’re standing at the entrance of a maze. You can try your luck or you can try D (52), S (55), S (59) and U (60). DROP COINS and the vending machine will drop fresh batteries. GET BATTERIES.

[NOTE: whenever your batteries run out in the third run, REPLACE BATTERIES but wait until the lamp dies completely. Then DROP BATTERIES because you don’t want to carry around the depleted ones. ]

To return through the maze go D (59), W (52), N (48) and U (45). From here it’s back W (44) and W (33). Then  N (34) and W (35) past the slabs. Now N (36) and E (37). Then D (61) and S (62). Walk E (63) and N (64) to find the flask with dark liquid. GET FLASK.

Go S (63), W (62) and W (71) again, then N (72) and D (88) down the rope. Travel W (95) past the fissure, then S (97) and S (98) again. Go W (99) and D (101) through the trapdoor. Walk E (102) and N (112). From here E (113) and N (114). When you go E (115) you’ll find a small statue. GET STATUE and go W (114) and W (116) again. Since your way is blocked, MOVE SIGN. Now N (117) to find a pyramid. GET PYRAMID.

Walk S (116), S (110) and W (120). Then N (121) and D (122) down the wooden stairs. Go E (123) and find a door with rusted hinges. OIL DOOR and DROP FLASK. Go S (124) and GET PAINTING. Leave N (123) and go E (125). Now N (126) and N (11) again. GET CANDLESTICK.

Go S (126), W (127) and N (128) to find a pendant. GET PENDANT. You’re hands are full again so time to head back. Go S (127), E (126) and S (125), then W (123) and W (122) again. U (121) and S (120). Then E (110), E (111) and E (112) once more. From here S (102) and W (101). U (99) through the trapdoor and E (98). Now N (97), N (95) and E (88) past the fissure. Climb U (72) then rope and S (71). Walk E (62) and N (61) and go U (37) up the stairs.

Almost there: W (36), S (35) and E (34) to the slabs. S (33),  W (32)  and U (30) through the hole. Finally W (16) to Farley’s room and speak FARLEY (4). To secure the treasures: DROP CANDLESTICK, DROP PAINTING, DROP PENDANT, DROP PYRAMID and DROP STATUE.

Now for the final run: Say the magic word FARLEY again (16) and walk E (30). Go through the hole in the floor, D (32) and N (33). N (34) again and W (35). Then N (36) and E (37). D (61) down the stairs and S (62), W (71) and N (72). Drop D (88)  down the rope, W (95) across the fissure, S (97) and S (98) again, then W (99) to the trapdoor. Climb D (101) down and go E (102). From here S (103), W (106), S (107), W (109) and S (108). It would be shorter to go south at 107 but then you’ll walk into a wall of arrows, severely hurting yourself.

GET PILLOW, you’ll need it. Walk W (109), N (110) and W (120). From here go N (121) and D (122) down the stairs. Go E (123) and E (125) again, then N (126) and W (127). Walk W (129) once more and S (131). The door on the east side is locked but you have the key. OPEN DOOR and walk E (135). A silken jacket is on the floor so GET JACKET. This is the last door the key will be used for so DROP KEY.

Move back W (131) and go S (133) and S (134). Go D (136) through the hole. Walk N (137) and N (138) and then E (139). Go N (140) again and enter the room on the W (141). GET DIAMOND. It’s big and shiny. Leave E (140) and walk S (139). From here go W (138) and W (144) again. There’s a cannonball here but I’ve no clue where or what to use it for so best leave it alone. Go N (145) and E (146).

In this room you find a metal detector. GET DETECTOR, you’ll never know what you’ll find. The north wall is filled with shelves but since you’re still carrying the crowbar, MOVE SHELVES, then continue N (149). The crowbar has served its purpose so DROP CROWBAR. A rope ladder is leading down.

D (150) and S (151). Move W (160) and W (161)  again. In the next room W (163), you’ll find a expensive Ming vase. GET VASE and walk N (12) where there’s a persian rug on the floor. GET RUG. One final time N (164) you’ll find a leather bible. GET BIBLE. You have now most of the treasures and your hands are full so it’s time to head back.

But wait… we want maximum points for exploring so S (12) and S (163) and from here it’s four times west: W (166), W (169), W (171) and W (172). Now N (178) and twice west: W (179) and W (180). This is as far as you can go. Nothing to find, nothing to see but all the way into the caves.

Let’s return: four times east: E (179), E (178), E (177) and E (170). Now S (169) and four times east: E (166), E (163), E (161) and E (160). Walk N (151) and N (150) again. U (149) up the rope ladder and S (146), W (145) and S (144) to the cannonball.

Go E (138), S (137) and S (136) again. Climb U (134) the hole in the ceiling and continue N (133) and N (131). From here it’s W (129) and N (127). Continue E (126), then S (125). Then W (123) and W (122) again to the entrance of the buried castle. Climb U (121) and S (120). Three times east: E (110), E (111) and E (112), then S (102) and W (101) to the trapdoor.

Climb U (99) and E (98). Walk N (97) and N (95) again. Go E (88) across the fissure and U (72) the rope. Now S (71), E (62) and N (61). Then U (37) the stairs. Almost there, just W (36), S (35) and E (34) to the stone slab. From here it’s S (33) and W (32). Now U (30) up the ladder.

Walk E (16) and instead of using the magic word, walk W (15) and U (9).  To save batteries (you’ll find out later) turn LAMP OFF. Now N (8) and W (5) and W (6) again.  This is where you found the lamp next to the tree stump. USE DETECTOR to do some metal detecting. You didn’t thing you carried that thing for nothing? LOOK again and find an earring. But your hands are full. Oh well…. DROP DETECTOR and GET EARRING. Now to the beach!

Walk S (1) and S (2) again, then W (3) to the cliff. Now D (4) to the beach. DROP BIBLE, DROP JACKET, DROP VAS… hold on! It will smash to pieces! DROP PILLOW, DROP VASE. That’s better! DROP RUG, DROP EARRING. DROP DIAMOND.

If you came across the thief and he took one of your treasures, you need to get them back. Say the magic word FARLEY again (16) and walk E (30). Go through the hole in the floor, D (32) and N (33). N (34) again and W (35). Then N (36) and E (37). D (61) down the stairs and S (62), W (71), S (70) and W (80). Walking further west will get you into a maze. To reach the thieves hideout walk W (85), W (86) and D (87). Here you can find your stolen treasure: GET …. (whatever it was that was taken) and also GET CHEST to take the thieves treasure chest.

To return climb U (86), E (82), S (80) and D (70). You’re back again. Now that you’ve got your stuff back, make sure you’re not robbed again. Walk N (71),  E (62) and N (61). Then U (37) the stairs. Almost there, just W (36), S (35) and E (34) to the stone slab. From here it’s S (33) and W (32). Now U (30) up the ladder. Walk E (16) and say the magic FARLEY one more time. You’ll end up at the beach again. To see your score just QUIT the game.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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