You want to show everyone how you can drink five bottles of wine without blinking.

Small problem: you don’t have wine. Talk to Coco next to you and ask him if he has some wine. Then ask him if he knows where to get some. So you need to see the king.

Ask Coco if he wants to help you stealing it from the king.He wants to know what he gets out of it and the only thing that helps is not a fist through his skull.

So together you go to the castle. Walk to the front door of the castle to enter.

Talk to the king. He thinks you’re stealing. Take the bottle of wine on the right. The king won’t let you. Talk to Coco and ask for a distraction. As soon as they talk, you can take the wine. But then disaster strikes.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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