You’re fired!

Talking to the Sergeant doesn’t change anything. Although…. talking about the UFO makes his head turn for a second and that’s enough time for you to take the KEY out of his pocket. Look at the plant next to him. It’s a cactus. Use the cactus to get a SPIKE (5/5).

Use the drawer of your desk to get the 2 year old GUM out.  Leave the room and you’ll walk down the hall. When you pass the utility room, you hear a conversation of two terrorists from downstairs.

Use the spike on the utility room. Once inside you can push the red button to switch to auxillary power but you need to keep the button in place. Use the gum on the button (5/10). Leave the room again and walk back to the right to the sergeant. He dropped dead with a heart attack. Search the man to get his BADGE.

Leave the toilet and walk all the way to the left and use the key you took from the sergeant on the door (5/15). There’s a safe and when you use it, you’ll get a GRENADE (you should actually use the badge on the reader next to it but who cares). Leave the room again and return to the mens room on the right. The cubicle is locked so use your gun to open the door.

There’s a terrorist on the toilet. Use your gun again to kill him. I you’d like you can shoot him again and make things messier but dead is dead.

Use the grenade on the dead terrorrist (5/20). You even put the golden bullet in his mouth. You’re now carrying the terrorist. Leave the toilet and go to the left. Stand near the stairs and throw the dead body including grenade and bullet down (5/25). That’ll teach them.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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