You have to get to the castle to let Grumpygad love children again.

But first a tour around the fair. Go north to the archery contest. Talk to the man in the stall. Give him a ticket and he’ll tell about the arrow. Ask for the bow and you can have it if you bring something to eat.

Walk to the south twice and enter the food shack. Use the tickets to order 2 WIENERS. Leave the stall and walk to the Zipper. It’s under construction but in front of it is a STONE that might be usefull. Walk back to the left and to the north twice to reach the archery again. Give one wiener to the man in the stall and now you can take the BOW. Walk to the right to the ponies.

Give the man of the rides a ticket but then he’ll tell you the pony is ill. Look at the pony to conclude she’s nice and has something stuck up her ass. Use her tail to get the ARROW out. Go left and south and from there go to the right to the castle.

There’s an alligator in the moat and the drawbridge is closed. So how to get in? Look at the gargoyle above the bridge. It looks hungry. Use the second wiener with the bow and fire it at the gargoyle. After a moment it’ll drop something and the door will open. Enter the castle.

Take the crooked CANDLE from the wall otherwise the rest of the corridor will be too dark. Walk to the right until you reach Grumpygad. Talk to the wizard in his chair. He’ll give you a FLASK and two PEBBLES and send you back in time to get Basilisks blood.

Walk to the north to enter Basilisks cave. Inside you find him asleep. Use the stone on him to knock him out, then use the arror on him to pierce a hole in him and catch the BLOOD with the flask.  He won’t notice afterwards.

Use the two pebbles Grumpygad gave you on yourself to return to the present and you’re in front of Grumpygad. Give him the flask with blood and he’ll make you a potion to cure Tourette. A happy end after all.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. I was wondering… The chandelier with 7 lit candles, and the Crap covered Arrow were unused. Is there another ending?

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