When you’re asked where to go to select the BurgerMacMart.

Talk to the clerk behind the desk. Look in the corner in the pile of rubbish and find a OXYGEN TANK (5/5) Walk to the south to leave the shop again and use the car to select another location. Go to the driving school this time.

The green car on the right is your own car. Use the key in your inventory on the car to get inside (5/10). Use the glove compartment to get a MAP and your SUNGLASSES (10/20). Feel between the seats to get a pair of GLOVES (10/30).  Try the gloves on (5/35). Use the left side window to leave the car again. Use the back of the car (you’re standing near) to find a CROWBAR (5/40).

Use the red car at the bottom to join the agents again and since you’ve got a map there are more locations to visit. Let’s go to Lord Burger d’Fries. Use the door to get inside and talk to the man behind the counter. Ask for a cup of COFFEE (5/45). Leave the shop again by walking south and enter the car. Go to Big Gas, the gas station.


Look around the shop. On the counter you can find GLUE (5/50). In the big box on the right you can find some FIREWORKS at the bottom (5/55). Give your credit card to the man behind the glass and you can leave the shop (20/75). Use the car again and drive to

The smell inside is too strong to walk on. Use the oxygen tank (10/85) to be able to walk to the counter and talk to the lady behind the desk. Ask about the store and order some fish (10/95). Take a AIR FRESHNER from the counter (5/100). Walk to the right to leave the store and pick up the crate of FISH in front of the door (5/105). Use the car and drive to Behemoth Books.

Enter the store and talk to the assistant. He’ll direct you to the magazines. But you need a map to get around the place (5/110). Leave the shop and enter the car. Drive back to Big Gas. Enter the shop and talk to the man behind the glass again. Ask about maps and ask one for Behemoth. He’s got the one but when you want to pay, the machine is down. So there must be an alternative way. He wants some coffee and luckilly you’ve got the coffee. Give the man your drink and you’ll get the MAP (10/120). Leave the shop, get in the car again and drive back to Behemoth’s.

Inside walk toward the back. Because you have the map, you’ll end up at the right spot (5/125). Look in the bookcase and on the second shelf from the bottom you find a red book that sticks out. Take the Anarchist MANUAL (5/130). Walk to the south twice to leave the shop.

Return to Lord Burger d’Fries. Give the box with fish to the person behind the desk and say it’s a delivery. Now you can enter the door on the left (10/140).

Use the button of the elevator to get inside. Then use the button there to set the elevator in motion. It takes a while but eventually you reach the correct floor. But the doors won’t open. Use the crowbar on the doors (10/150) and finally get out.

You’re in the lair with a bomb and the bad guy is speaking to you over the intercom. The guard will put you in a cell, tied to chains. Use your carkey on the chains (10/160) and you can walk again. But the floor opens up. To prevent the room from collapsing, use the superglue on the opening in the floor (10/170). Use the fireworks on the gate (10/180) and wait for them to explode and remove the bars (20/190). You’re free to go again.

Use the opening in the wall and find the bomb ticking. 15 seconds left. Use your handbook on the console on the right to disarmb the bomb. U and I will take it from there (50/240).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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