You’re in need of a caravan.

Take the KEY from the ground and use the ladder in the tree to climb up. On top of the cabinet is a ROCK BURGER. Pick it up and use the mirror porter to travel to another room. Use the key on the door to enter the swamp. Walk to the right to enter Twirl City and there’s a caravan. But it’s not very good looking.

Walk further to the right and enter the caravan sellers. Talk to the shopkeeper and learn that the caravan costs $5000,- Or you can rent it for $500,-. First you need to get some money. He’ll refer you to the bank. Leave the shop on the south and walk to the right. Enter the bank and talk to the people there to find out about the robbery, the thieves and the reward. Your canche to get some money. Leave the bank on the south and enter the convenience store.

No one to see here. Walk through the door on the right to the back yard. There is a rubbish bin but the lid is stuck. Use the rock burger to open the bin and find the MONEY. Walk into the convenience store again and walk south to return to the street. Enter the bank on the right and give the money to the manager. He’ll give you the REWARD. Leave the bank on the south.


Walk left to enter the caravan seller again and look at the poster of the caravan on the right. Since you have the money, you’ll get the KEY. Leave the shop and walk to the left. Use the key on the caravan and go inside. The fire is already burning. Leave the caravan again to end the game.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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