You have to toss a coin to decide who’s getting the food.

No matter what you decide, you have to get the food anyway. Once outside, use the door on the left to the Diamond Keepers to learn that they are watching TV. Use the door in the north to go inside the apartment again. Use the door on the left side and talk to Khato and ask what you can do. Tell him you want to help and he’ll tell you about the cola. On the toolbox on the right is a multitool but if you try to take , Khato is preventing it. You need to distract him. Walk to the right to leave the room and at the bottom of the screen walk to the left into the hallway and go north on the left side into the kitchen.

Use the silver dollar with the vending machine and take the COLA from the tray. You also get your COIN back. Walk to the right to leave the kitchen and walk to the right again to return to the hallway.  Against the wall on the left is a wooden BOARD. Take it. In the back of the room use the stairs on the left and find Buster painting a wall. Talk to Buster and find out about the painting and the trick he can do with a cola can. He can only do that if you bring him a can of green paint.

Walk up the stairs to the roof and across the boards to the Diamond Keeper’s roof. On the crate is a STONE. Pick it up and use the stone on the floodlight that’s still working. But not for long. When it’s dark, use the aerial on the left and it will break off. Walk to the right and hide behind the crate in the shadow. When one of the guys is inspecting the aerial, walk inside.

You now have to be very quiet otherwise the guys downstairs will hear you. Use the lock on the door to prevent it from opening. Take the TOWEL from the cupboard. Use the towel on the monkey so it will shut up. Use the wooden board on the bed of nails on the floor. Now you can walk further to the left and take the GREEN PAINT from the cupboard. Cross the board again and then pick up the BOARD. Then also take some NAILS from the floor and leave the room on the right. Walk to the south on the roof and cross the board to the right. Go down the stairs back to Buster.

Give the green spraypaint to Buster and talk to him again about the cola trick. Give him the can of cola and he’ll shake it. Walk down the stairs and use the door on the left to enter the room of Khato again. Give him the shaken cola and while he’s at it, quickly take the MULTITOOL from the toolbox. You’ll be kicked out of the room into the hallway.

Walk to the left and use the door to enter your own room. On the bed is a BOOKLET. Pick it up and look at it in your inventory. It’s you members pass of the Black Sun and has your username and security code on it. Note the code. Use the computer on your desk to enter the  Metaverse. Walk to the left and you’ll enter a long street. Walk to the left untill you reach the entrance of the Black Sun. Use the door and you’ll be asked for your passcode. Enter 5634 and you can enter the club.

Inside the club walk to the right and TALK LOOP to talk to Sugar Loop behind the screen. Ask him about new games and ask him if he’s played yours yet. Ask him if can be top ractive and he’ll send you to the receptionist to change the position. Walk to the left and TALK RECEPTIONIST to talk to the lady behind the desk. Choose the command to change the Top Ractive and it will be changed to number your name. Ollie will stop playing until the hacker will leave.

Walk to the south to leave the club and all the way to the right in the street. Then through the arched opening back to the house and up the stairs back to your room. Walk to the right to leave the room and go to the right to reach the hallway. Walk to the north to go outside and in the streets walk to the left. Go down the steps to the subway. Talk to Ollie and ask her about food. For $70 she’ll take you there and after some persistence, she’ll do it for free and takes you to Slice + Byte.

Walk inside the restaurant and use the board on the mousehole. Then add the nails to the board. Good thing you took the multitool. Ollie will leave now. Talk to the Pizzaserv 9000. He’s very friendly but can’t get you a pizza because the restaurant is full. If he could help, he’d serve you pizza.  Ask what else he can do and he’ll tell you about the birthdays. Tell him it’s yours and he’ll break down, giving you the chance to take the GREEN CIRCUIT BOARD from him.

Walk into the kitchen in the back and talk to the chef. He’s not really eager to help, he’s not programmed that way. Watch him moving around the kitchen and at some stage he’ll open his mouth. At that precise moment, take the RED CIRCUIT BOARD from him. Put the green circuit board back into the chef and he’s ready to serve. He’ll give you some PIZZAS. Then you’ll be picked up from the restaurant by some strange lady…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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