You need to move on with the team but the truck broke down.

Talk to Luigi, the mechanic, to learn about the problem with the truck: a broken spark. Use the door of the truck to find some BANDAGES. Talk to Regina on the far left and ask if she’s seen Anja. She should be in her tent. Ask Regina how you met and she’ll tell you about the trip around Europe and the other members of the team.

Use the lower left corner of the tent on the far right to enter it and find Anja sitting on the bed. Her leg is bleeding. Use the bandages on her to take care of the wound. Talk to her and ask all about the team. When you talk about Luigi, she’ll offer you some wire. After the conversation take some of the WIRE from the roll next to the box and use the box next to it to take a LIGHTBULB out.

Leave the tent and if you want you can talk to everyone to learn more about them. In your inventory use the wire with the lightbulb and give the makeshift spark to Luigi. The team can now move on further into the cave.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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